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   Chapter 768 Danger (Part One)

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Zen knew his strength and limitations full well.

No person in the Central Region could ever hope to outclass him when it came to the mastery of runes. The divine texture, which was passed down from the Upper World, was definitely something that the runes in the Central Region wouldn't be able to measure up to.

That was just in regards to rune mastery, but in terms of overall strength, in front of all these elders who had reached the Virtual Tribulation Realm, and Imogen and Eddie who were both currently in the Life and Death Realm, he was nothing but an ant in the Illuminating Soul Realm.

If a war were to break out between the Life and Death Realm masters, even the elders at the Virtual Tribulation Realm wouldn't be strong enough and they would end up being eliminated right at the start like lambs to the slaughter. It might just be that only Letitia had the possibility of lending Imogen a hand in the fight to come. In the end, Zen wouldn't even suffice as cannon fodder as well.

That was to say, it wouldn't really make much sense for Zen to put up resistance at all.

The stream of energy between heaven and earth ceaselessly surged into Eddie's robust and towering physique. At that point in time, Eddie appeared as though he had transformed into an enormous mountain. The eyes of that mountain-like man glimmered, and he proceeded to throw a punch up into the sky.

"Smash it into smithereens!"

Sizzle! Crackle!

From Zen's perspective, Eddie looked like he was so twisted. The space above him was about to be totally ruptured by the immense force of just this single punch!

As it ravenously stormed straight toward Zen, his fist emitted a great amount of blinding light. It seemed apparent that the light contained exceptionally aggressive power!

"Is this the so-called power that has the capability of obliterating everything?"

As his eyes frantically flashed, Zen concentrated his gaze on the radiant light that was about to hit him.

In just a blink of an e


That being the case, not only did Letitia not lose anything wagering it all on Zen, she actually even ended up making a giant killing!

Never in Eddie's wildest dreams would he have ever imagined that the strike in which he had put everything he had got still wouldn't be powerful enough to break the enchanted barrier Zen had created. For this very reason, Eddie had been left completely dumbfounded.

Having years of experience fighting in the Central Region, nothing had ever surprised him to this extent.

The only person who was aware of just how powerful that punch was supposed to be was Eddie himself!

Be that as it might, this thin sheet which bore semblance to that of bubbles somehow succeeded in blocking the light released from his fist. The actual strength of that mysterious enchanted barrier was utterly beyond Eddie.

What was even more irritating was that Zen seemed to have had so much confidence in this enchanted barrier he had built. After all, he actually had the audacity to stand in a position that was just about two feet behind the barrier, staying straight-faced just like a dead fish, as if to tell him, 'Do you honestly think you can touch me?!'

How many years had it been since anyone had the guts to mock him in that way? It had been so long that Eddie couldn't even remember anymore.

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