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   Chapter 767 Ready To Fight

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Prior to this, everyone had been talking about Eddie's possible arrival at the Cloud Hall, so Cloud Hall and Cloudy City were both under a lot of pressure.

Zen had hurriedly set up the Small Circulation Killing Array, but there had been no news of Eddie for a full three months, so, many people thought that he would not come.

Although Cloud Hall had not let its guard down and the Small Circulation Killing Array was still operating day and night, many people had assumed he wouldn't come and had started to relax a bit.

Meanwhile, in a house in Cloudy City, a one-year-old toddler was trying to take his first steps. He had just started walking cautiously when a terrifying might suddenly crashed outside. He plopped down on the ground and began to wail.

Tens of millions of people lived in this huge city. From the warriors at the Virtual Tribulation Realm to little babies, their faces visibly stiffened as they felt the overwhelming force of the power.

The master of a third-grade family sighed wearily, "Eddie is here."

The warriors who knew what was happening simultaneously turned to look at Cloud Hall in the sky. A vast majority of the commoners had no idea what was happening but knew that it was the arrival of a demon, an omen of great maliciousness.

Bells were hurriedly sounded in a few small temples in the city. Thousands of monks sat in the Buddhist hall, chanting the Rebirth Spell continuously.

This was the strength of the strongest in the Central Region. With just his voice and his thoughts, he could control thousands of people. If he wanted and had the time, he could even take their lives without any fear of being surrounded by a malicious aura.

In these three months, Eddie had taken his son on a trip to the South Sea.

Eddie could think of many ways to save Eden if he was just seriously injured. However, his dedication to martial arts had been destroyed, which was worrisome.

However, there was a hidden sect in the South Sea that was well-versed in the special secret techniques about the soul and memories. They might be able to remove the obstacles Eden encountered.

This trip to the South Sea had taken Eddie three whole months. The first thing he did upon returning to the Central Region was to rush to Cloud Hall.

Eddie was a warrior with luck on his side. He had accidentally found an island on the trip to the South Sea to save his son, and unexpectedly took over the mantle of an ancient martial artist.

He was lucky, but the people around him weren't. His son's dedication to martial arts had been destroyed by Zen, and Marilyn had died tragically under Zen's sword. This was devastating to him.

ked out from Eddie's body. In the skies above the Cloud Hall, the rich energy of heaven and earth slowly gathered into a massive whirlpool, and the surrounding thick clouds also followed this whirlpool as it spun.

After entering the Virtual Tribulation Realm, one could use the energy of heaven and earth. Eddie was a warrior of the Life and Death Realm, so the manic energy of heaven and earth was as obedient as a sheep in his hands.

He did not intend to talk much with a young man at Illuminating Soul Realm. He did not even want to waste time here.

As the energy poured into Eddie's body, a heavy force spread out in all directions.

Everyone knew that Eddie was about to attack.

The people of the Cloud Hall also armed themselves with weapons and prepared for the battle. Deep in their hearts, the elders at the Virtual Tribulation Realm really wanted to hand Zen over, but with Imogen and Letitia here, it was impossible to do so.

Imogen shook her old crutch and several tender buds grew on top of it. The light green life vitality enveloped her. As the life vitality circulated, her old skin started to regain color. The wrinkles on her face disappeared gradually, and her white hair turned black. As her short, stooping body became upright, she no longer looked old and frail.

Imogen had turned into a beautiful woman.

The Ice Phoenix quickly rushed out of the Ice Palace, rammed into Letitia and started to disintegrate. The ice crystal armor wrapped tightly around her petite body. At the same time, the Mysterious Ice Halberd also appeared in her hands.

Once Eddie broke the barrier, the people from the Cloud Hall could not sit still and wait for death.

Only Zen stood behind the barrier, unmoved, as he faced Eddie who was about to attack.

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