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   Chapter 766 A Trap

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The "Light of Water" indeed looked weak. It looked like just a shield of water that would shatter at the slightest touch.

The elder had used eighty percent of his strength to attack it with his spear.

The spear of a warrior at the Virtual Tribulation Realm could pierce a mountain but not this enchanted barrier.

"The attack was deflected and it spread across the entire enchanted barrier. This enchanted barrier is really amazing. The person who created it must be really skillful!" exclaimed the elder.

When his spear touched the enchanted barrier, it seemed as if there was a gentle force within the enchanted barrier that was diffusing the spear's power. The attack was, therefore, distributed through the entire enchanted barrier, and so it was able to survive it and not crack under pressure.

In response, the other elders used all sorts of methods to attack the "Light of Water."

Blades, swords, fists, spears...

The elders each displayed their own unique techniques.

Bang, bang, bang!

There was a burst of color and a brilliant light as ripples appeared upon the Light of Water. From afar, it just looked like a gentle breeze was blowing on the sparkling lake causing the ripples on its surface.

No matter how they attacked, the enchanted barrier remained intact.

Everyone stopped, mouth agape, eyes wide open—unable to fathom the great power of the seemingly undamaged enchanted barrier.

Several elders at the Virtual Tribulation Realm, too, tried to break the enchanted barrier but failed.

"This is the first time that an enchanted barrier in the Central Region has blocked the attacks of more than six warriors at the Virtual Tribulation Realm. Even the sect-protecting array of the Ethereal Spirit Sect is incomparable to this one," mumbled an elder.

"But even if it can block our attacks, does that mean it is powerful enough to impede Eddie's attacks?" asked another elder who was still worried.

Even if the enchanted barrier could block the attacks of many warriors at the Virtual Tribulation Realm, it didn't mean it could also block Eddie's attacks for he was a warrior at the Life and Death Realm. Eddie had been through three life and death crises. His might was insurmountable.

Suddenly, a door to a thatched hut in a corner of the Cloud Hall rattled. It creaked as it opened.

This small thatched hut was where Imogen had gone into seclusion. No one else could get close to the hut except Letitia.

Imogen trudged out of the thatched hut with her walking stick. Although it seemed like she moved at a slow pace, this wasn't really the case. In just a few steps, she appeared midair above the Cloud Hall.

"Master." Letitia glided towards Imogen when she saw her.

The elders also respectfully bowed towards Imogen, who rarely made an appearance. Still, she was a pillar of the Cloud Hall.

Imogen nodded and glanced at Zen. In just a flash, she had reached the edge of the enchanted barrier with her walking stick pointing at the enchanted barr

e life and death crises in order to raise their cultivation through great tribulations.

Not only could the Flower of Life and Death help Letitia to reach the level above the Virtual Tribulation Realm, it could also help Imogen to deal with her next life and death crisis. That was why Letitia wanted to obtain the Flower of Life and Death.

"Zen, the immortal's bone is good for you. If you wish to cultivate the Transcendent Divine Might, you'd better get the bone. It will help you build the Eight Path Platforms," said the red dragon suddenly.

"The immortal's bone?" Zen's eyes also lit up in anticipation, but he still voiced his doubts. "The treasures in the celestial tomb are tempting, but there's something wrong. Tia, don't you think it's strange?"

"Strange?" Letitia tilted her head slightly.

"Immortal Mist was an immortal. He built the celestial tomb for himself. Logically speaking, no one wants others to intrude into his tomb. However, why would the enchanted lamps appear in the world? And how did the Ancient Tycoon of the World Commercial Alliance know about these treasures?" Zen asked.

Letitia was silent for a while, and then she said, "You mean it's a trap?"

"It's just that it's possible," Zen nodded.

Rumor had it that once the enchanted lamps were all lit, those who had the lamps could enter the celestial tomb. This was rather weird. Who made these enchanted lamps? Why were the enchanted lamps spreading in the Central Region? It was a very strange thing to begin with.

Actually, Zen wasn't the only one who suspected this. Several hundred years ago, people had suspected that the whole thing was a scam, or even a trap.

But a warrior's life was filled with risks. It was plausible that the celestial tomb was a trap but even so, a lot of warriors would be flocking to the tomb to raid its treasures.

While the two of them were discussing this matter, they felt a mighty pressure engulf the Cloud Hall.

The faces of Letitia and Zen suddenly changed.

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