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   Chapter 765 Small Circulation Killing Array

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Zen never spoke in absolute terms.

When Imogen had inquired about it, he answered the same.

'Eighty percent'—the same answer.

The elders, clan leaders, and sect leaders present in the crowd looked at each other in silence. The sect leaders seemed persuaded.

"Eighty percent! Ha-ha. Young people these days brag too much! Aren't you afraid the wind will cut off your tongue?" Emanuel sneered.

Zen selectively ignored Emanuel's words, for he knew the fellow was just messing around.

Previously, Zen had managed to block Eddie's punch in the Martial Arts Contest by relying on the enchanted barrier. Eddie had not employed all his power at the time and Zen had only changed a portion of the runes to stave off the attack.

Fortunately, despite what Emanuel said, the other elders and sect leaders kept silent. They were not blind to what they had seen. They had witnessed the power of Zen's divine textures, and to see was to believe.

"Then let's examine the effect of his sect-protecting array!"

"If this sect-protecting array doesn't stop Eddie, we can still hand Zen over then."

"That's right, we can take it step by step. Zen is Eddie's main target…"

The elders communicated with each other through their life vitalities. In the end, they turned to leave.

As the others left, Emanuel could only glare at Zen before vacating the hall himself.

After everyone had left, Zen raised his head, looking into the distance. He smiled as he made a gesture at someone.

Inside the Ice Palace, Letitia—who was in closed-door cultivation—smiled brightly as a life vitality talisman ignited in her hands. "You already knew..."

"Of course I know you are spying on me," Zen said.

Letitia rolled her eyes. "Why would I be bothered to spy on you?"

"Anyway, you should thank me, shouldn't you? Now that we have appeased this group of elders!" Zen laughed. "Still, you have to be careful of Emanuel. That man is very ambitious and may make trouble at a critical moment."

Letitia nodded. "Yes, I know."

Undoubtedly Letitia had noticed Emanuel's ambition. He had contributed to half of the trouble the elders had made, for he was the one who kept adding oil to the flame. But the Zhuo Clan was a third-grade clan in the Cloudy City. Without a good enough excuse, it would be tough for Letitia to get rid of him.

"We have a limited amount of time. I'm going to put the sect-protecting array in place."

Zen carried over a pile of divine textures and told Felix the same. Felix's face immediately lit up with excitement. He had long been anticipating seeing the imposing sect-protecting array.

Suspended in the sky, Cloud Hall looked like a giant oval egg from a bird's-eye view. According to the rules, the 4, 903 runes had to be divided into three batches.

"The sect-protecting array is arranged acc

questionably terrifying.

As the thunder disappeared, a streak of lightning could be seen flickering on the spot.

"There is no problem in the first area," Zen said as he turned the array plate again.

In the second location, mists could be seen surrounding the place. The 'Mad Trap' was buried here. Things looked normal in this area before it was triggered. But as the over one thousand divine textures lit up, they quickly calmed down and returned to the normal state. The 'Mad Trap' had worked successfully.

When Zen turned the array plate again, the divine textures in the last spot lit up.

As the runes lit up, a bit of vapor appeared in the sky—a sight that was incredibly strange. Under the sunlight, the vapor transformed into a beautiful rainbow.

The clouds of water vapor condensed together, forming a large enchanted barrier in the sky. The barrier was like a huge bowl, encasing the entire Cloud Hall within it. It was the defensive barrier of the Small Circulation Killing Array, the 'Light of Water', a most important safeguard.

A gust of cool breeze swept past everyone. They could see countless ripples appear on the surface of the enchanted barrier above their heads.

"It is just a big bubble. I'm afraid it will burst with a single gentle touch. How can it stop Eddie? I don't think it could even withstand my spear!" an elder spoke as he flew to the edge of the enchanted barrier.

A black spear materialized in his hand. He aimed it at the barrier and began to form the spear intent.

The elder shouted

and charged at the enchanted barrier with the spear. The burst of energy of the Virtual Tribulation Realm was awe-inspiring.


The spear collided with the surface of the enchanted barrier but only produced ripples on its surface. Other than that, nothing happened. Looking at the scene, the elders were both surprised and pleased.

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