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   Chapter 764 Eighty Percent Sure

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As the tip of Zen's brush continued to extend its magical line, an intense and mysterious mist started forming in the hall, full of hallucinogens and a captivating song.

The first ones to be bewitched by the illusion were Felix's assistants, then Felix himself and the stewards, followed by the group led by Emanuel.

There were numerous elders, sect leaders, and clan leaders among this group of people. Quite a number of them were at the late stage of the Internal Elixir Realm, and a small number had even reached the early stage of the Virtual Tribulation Realm. But they couldn't resist the illusion produced by the divine texture.

When the first line was finished, Zen glanced at them briefly. He was also secretly taken aback by the countless ugly expressions on their faces.

The five-star divine texture was actually so powerful! He hadn't fully activated it, but the aura released by it had the power to confuse warriors even at the Virtual Tribulation Realm. If these three divine textures were combined with the 4, 900 three-star and four-star divine textures, their power would be beyond Zen's imagination.

Just thinking about it caused Zen's heart to palpitate with excitement, and the brush in his hand wavered slightly.

"Be careful," warned the cyan dragon, who had currently focused all of his attention on using his soul force. Drawing a divine texture required one's full attention. The slightest distraction could destroy the entire process and he would have to start over.

Fortunately, Zen was able to bring back his concentration in time, and the brush's tip immediately stabilized. Then he began to draw the last divine texture wholeheartedly.

When the upper half of the "Mad Trap" was drawn, it was still blooming with a pink and purple mist. The brushstrokes were also soft, and the whole aura was filled with a sense of extreme temptation.

However, when he reached the bottom half of the divine texture, Zen's brushstrokes turned suddenly and a surging killing intent immediately blossomed on the paper. A dark fog rose up and filled the room. It felt like there was a cavalry trampling through the black fog. The killing intent enveloped the entire hall within moments.

Under this intense killing intent, Zen's brushstrokes became firm and powerful. Each brushstroke felt like a dragon or a phoenix was dancing on the paper.



One of the stewards, who was still in a daze, was suddenly covered by the killing intent and with a roll of his eyes, he fainted.

Zen looked coldly at the group of people not far away from him. These people really were troublesome and Letitia had probably suffered a lot in the past few days because of them. He decided to teach them a lesson. The next moment, Zen's brushstrokes became even more forceful and energetic due to his desire for revenge.

Under the urging of the cyan dragon's soul force, the illusions created by the menacing killing intent caused the faces of the elders, sect leaders, and clan leaders

c order inside the Cloud Hall in accordance to the previous design so that they could resonate with each other and achieve their desired effect. This was a huge task.

Emanuel did not dare to make a move on Zen; he knew very clearly that Letitia cared for Zen very much. It was easy to kill Zen, but the problem was, how could he bear Letitia's anger? Therefore, even if Emanuel wanted to kill Zen, he would do so without anyone else knowing. Unfortunately, his raised right hand made him look a bit awkward, so he could only dejectedly put it down.

Zen stacked the divine textures according to their types.

As he was tidying up the mess, he glanced at the elders. They were unwilling to leave, but had to do so. To be frank, Zen understood their feelings. Humans were creatures who sought profit and avoided harm. Who would be willing to be involved in a great disaster by a disciple?

"Elders, you have just experienced the power of this five-star rune," Zen remarked as he stacked a pile of divine textures together. "The 4, 903 runes are interdependent. Even if the sect-protecting array is unable to kill Eddie, it is still possible to block him from the outside."

"How confident are you?" These elders were not willing to hand over the fate of the Cloud Hall to Zen. For a fourth-grade sect to place its fate in the hands of a kid at the Illuminating Soul Realm was a hilarious matter already.

However, after having experienced the might of Zen's five-star rune, some of the elders had slightly wavered. If just a five-star rune was able to confound them completely, just how powerful would this sect-protective array be?

If the sect-protecting array could really block Eddie, then it could completely become the Cloud Hall's treasure, and maybe, even the best treasure of the sect. It was probably ten times stronger than the sect-protecting array produced by Arnold of the Ethereal Spirit Sect.

Zen lifted his head, his gaze calm as he replied in a firm voice, "Eighty percent sure."

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