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   Chapter 763 Mad Trap

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In just half a month, a strong sense of crisis had pervaded the entire Cloud Hall, Cloudy City and five second-grade sects under the Cloud Hall. Everyone felt the heavy tension in the air as a constant state of danger hung over their heads, plunging their hearts in a perpetual state of panic.

Emanuel had made sure to spread words of Zen's deeds in the Martial Arts Contest all over Cloud Hall.

A warrior at the Illuminating Soul Realm actually killed Eddie's woman in front of him and was able to leave unscathed.

The news had been shocking, and after many embellishments, the rumors floating around had described Zen as some kind of omnipotent character. His story had become like some kind of legend, spreading all over taverns, tea houses, and restaurants.

"I heard that Zen slashed Marilyn's neck right in front of Eddie! He didn't give a damn that Eddie was the number one warrior of Central Region."

"Eddie is a warrior at the Life and Death Realm. He is someone who can kill a person with just one look, but a teenager was able to kill his woman. I know that there are many talents in the world, but still Zen was too bold to kill Eddie's woman."

"He is a genius, to begin with. Moreover, he was able to destroy Eden's warrior spirit with just a few words. Ha! I don't even know what his talent is—it's simply impossible to describe!"

"He may have the talent and he may have walked away from Eddie safe and sound, but he has spelled disaster for Cloud Hall. What if Eddie comes to the Cloud Hall for revenge? The whole sect is at risk because of Zen!"

"I don't think the leader of Cloud Hall should have supported Zen. Because of her support, Eddie would now set himself against Cloud Hall."

"Humph, the leader of Cloud Hall looks cold and aloof, but I think she has a crush on Zen. Of course she'd lose her cool when she saw her lover in trouble. Zen is so lucky to have such a beautiful woman."

There were all sorts of discussion regarding the rumors, Letitia's decision, and the imminent threat of Cloud Hall's destruction at Eddie's hands.

When the rumors reached Cloudy City, the entire place had become shrouded in haze.

What if Eddie came? What would Cloud School do? Would the Cloud Hall survive?

Meanwhile, the situation in Cloud Hall couldn't be more intense. In the beginning, Letitia had still been able to pull out her leader card when it came to suppressing people from stirring up trouble. Inevitably, she gradually lost control as the issue blew up, and she decided to cultivate in seclusion.

The elders, clan leaders, and sect leaders couldn't find any outlet to vent out their frustrations, so they decided to target Zen. When they heard that Zen was setting up the sect-protecting array with Felix, they immediately went to find them.

During this period of time, Emanuel was having a great time.


returning to his seat.

It was here that Felix came to his side and personally helped him remove the "Thunder Wrath" rune, replacing it with brand new runic paper and then respectfully moving aside.

Zen once again picked up his brush and dipped it in the ink that an assistant handed to him. The cyan dragon's soul power once again swirled around him.


Unlike the previous violent lightning, his brush now showcased a dreamy color.

Most of the materials used to create the "Mad Trap" included "Charm Bone" and "a thousand-year-old fox heart" that were specifically used to set up the magic array. Even Zen had almost lost his way when he tried to activate the energy inside those materials.

From his brush, the dreamy sight of Letitia's beautiful and unparalleled face blossomed forth.

In the illusion, she was half-naked and her petite yet powerful body was slowly walking towards him. Her usual cold eyes were nowhere to be found and were instead full of warmth and seduction.

The cyan dragon was prepared to pull him out of this befuddlement, but even before he was able to do anything, a bit of lightning flashed across Zen's face and his eyes once again became clear.

"Ah, that's right," the cyan dragon said. "Your willpower is so firm that you can break free from this illusion yourself. Start drawing then." Though he was a bit surprised, the cyan dragon also thought that it should've been something he had expected from Zen.

Nodding his head, Zen once again began to draw. Lines of illusory colors burst from his brush onto the drawing paper while pink and purple mist began to rise along with the soft, brush strokes.

Although he was able to pull himself out of the illusion, the others weren't so strong-willed. Felix and the rest of the crowd all stared at the mist with dull gazes, almost as if their souls were being sucked in by the dreamy soft and purple haze.

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