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   Chapter 762 Five-star Divine Texture (Part Two)

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Along with the preparations and countermeasures they were doing, the Cloud Hall was also doing its best on closely monitoring Eddie's movements. According to the information the Cloud Hall had gathered from their latest discussion, Eddie seemed to be looking for a way to recover Eden's warrior spirit after leaving the Oracle City.

All cultivators across the land knew the consequences of losing their warrior spirit; it was a devastating event that they all dreaded to think about. As those who had witnessed such an incident could attest to, not only would the warrior never be able to recover from such a blow, there was also a high possibility that the warrior would even lose all confidence to continue living in this world.

Recovering the warrior spirit of a cultivator was definitely a difficult feat. This was due to the fact that even if they had somehow repaired it, there would still be burdensome side effects that could affect the warrior. An example of this would be the likelihood of developing amnesia. Furthermore, the mind of the cultivator might even be damaged. Another condition for the warriors who had lost their warrior spirits would be the dependence on other people. This was because if they were left unattended or uncared for, it would be significantly harder for them to recover with the passing of time. As the warriors often felt deeper about their sufferings and pitied their conditions, falling into depression worsened their state of mind. That was the most probable reason as to why Eddie did not immediately seek vengeance and stomp through the Cloud Hall. The man had prioritized the finding and restoration of Eden's warrior spirit first.

This news might have been the only relatively good news for the people of Cloud Hall. At the very least, it had helped them buy quite a bit of time.

Before they had even noticed, half a month had already passed. With their days spent anxiously moving around their sects and occasionally looking towards the sky in case their opponent had decided to make a move, time passed by with relative ease. On the nineteenth day, a total of four thousand and nine hundred divine textures were finally completed. With that, what remained was the last three five-star divine textures, also the most crucial ones out of them all.

The impending three five-star divine textures cost four thousand supreme life vitality crystals--and that was only for the materials. Additionally, they were also the most critical divine textures in the sect-protecting array. All the over four thousand divine textures of the sect-protecting array would be able to work on the premise that these three five-star divine textures were put into place.

The three were significant and valuable in their own ways. The first five-star divine texture was named "Light of Water." This was due to the fact that this particular divine texture was able to gather the power of fourteen hundred divine textures and was capable of condensing them into a sect-protecting enchanted barrier.

Just as the first one had been of utmost importance, the second five-star divine texture termed the "Wrath of T

se of the rune. Without the unobtrusive sounds of water, the place had become quiet again.

Zen glanced at Felix who appeared to still be fascinated by the brief showcase of the rune's power and then nudged him into reality. "I am ready to do the next one." Zen nodded at him and calmly stated.

At that exact moment, their ears picked up on a ruckus from the entrance of the hall. Both men looked questioningly at each other at the same time, wondering what the commotion was all about.

"For the past few days, Letitia has announced that she's in closed-door cultivation. Well, I think that's only an excuse! She's just trying to hide and avoid facing the problem as it is," one of the people loudly protested. "The Cloud Hall is on the verge of collapsing. How could she hide in her mighty Ice Palace all alone and refuse to come out?" a high pitched voice complained outside before continuing, "She's being irresponsible!"

"She must give us an explanation!"

"I heard that Zen was drawing some useless runes here. It's just a sect-protecting array. What can it do, anyway?! Either capture that bastard and hand him over or force Letitia out!" more of them demanded angrily, as they started to come closer to where Zen was working.

The loud cacophony of voices which had started far away came nearer by the minute and it was not long before a group of dissenting people appeared at the entrance. This was not good as Zen might not be able to focus with all his might.

The face of Zen's companion turned red with anger at the sudden intrusion of the mob forming outside. Moreover, he had looked downright murderous at the thought of people about to barge inside and interrupt Zen's process of drawing the runes. It was the most crucial moment for Zen to finish the sect-protecting array and yet the bumbling idiots raging at the entrance did not understand the severity of the situation.

"What the hell is the noise about?!" The normally good-tempered Felix could not help but bellow in wrath as he wished to stop the fools from causing more disturbance than they already did.

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