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   Chapter 761 Five-star Divine Texture (Part One)

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Drifting across the sky were dense clouds; smoky wisps curled up against the blueness of the atmosphere like genies. As the air in Cloud Hall became saturated with anticipation and the forthcoming of gloom, the hazy mist that enveloped the land slowly dispersed. With the rays of golden light peeking through the scattering morning mist, a woman's shadow materialized under the soft daylight. The silhouette of Letitia's slender and elegant figure was suddenly apparent on the grounds.

As the woman silently stood there, she observed the young man deep in thought. Deeming it enough to survey for a while, she floated away gracefully.

Biting her lip anxiously as she rubbed her cheek with her palm, Letitia thought that what she had done was actually a reckless and unwise gamble. As soon as she had tersely placed the stakes at hand, she was confronted with an immense backlash due to the Cloud Hall elders pressuring her; and it was not long before she would crack.

Even though Imogen, Saint Morphens, and a small portion of the elders did not complain straight to her face, there were times when she had caught on fleeting moments of hesitancy as if they wanted to question her decisions. Letitia was almost definitely certain that they did not understand what she wanted to accomplish.

Exhaling deeply with a far-off gaze, she was well aware of the arduous consequences her actions could bring. As the stakes were too high, the odds were stacked against her. It was far from unlikely that she would end up losing the Cloud Hall for good.

As soon as she strode out of the Cloud Hall, she furrowed her eyebrows at the sight of Emanuel and numerous other elders aggressively walking towards where she stood. Shielding her eyes from the glare of the sun, she had also noticed that walking beside the big group of elders were various leaders of third grade clans and third grade sects.

These clan leaders and sect leaders were significant people, as they represented varying powers and authorities in the Cloudy City. Moreover, they had always been vassals of the Cloud Hall. Letitia had a definite guess of the reason why they had suddenly gathered together with the elders. If it ever so happened that the Cloud Hall was destroyed, whether it be from natural disasters like devastating earthquakes or sweeping tsunamis that could heavily im

ce drained him and made his soul extremely tired. Furthermore, the lack of sleep made it impossible for him to replenish his energy.

As the days progressed, Zen had no choice but to wear the Soul-nurturing Jade every day, the one that Dillon had gifted to him. At the same time, he started to take some soul nourishing pills.

Perpetually working on the runes severely exploited his soul force and exhausted him to the bone like no other. However, the silver lining of the whole process was the fact that his soul became more stable as time passed by and a faint coat of jade-green glow surrounded him.

The Fighting Soul Realm was admittedly not the highest level the soul could enter. This was because just above the Fighting Soul Realm was the Jasper Fighting Soul Realm. Although this was the case, it would still take nonstop rigorous training and interminable tempering of one's soul to cross the threshold of the Jasper Fighting Soul Realm. With Zen's current strength being used and depleted on the runes, entering the next realm was not something Zen could easily envision.

During the period when Zen worked incessantly, Letitia often took the time to visit Zen and observe his progress.

Dropping in to pay him a quick visit was something the woman did for reassurance. In the face of immense pressure coming from the different parties of the Cloud Hall, witnessing Zen work earnestly made her slightly relieved. Although she felt apologetic that the young man exhausted himself tirelessly, she was still responsible for the future of Cloud Hall.

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