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   Chapter 760 Immersion (Part Two)

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The minute the first batch of ink had been produced according to Zen's specifications, Zen simultaneously laid out a sheet of paper, firmly holding a brush in his hand.

The first container filled with ink was then given to Zen. Carefully dipping the brush into the ink, he proceeded to draw the first stroke.

As specified by the cyan dragon's plans, all in all, there were supposed to be 4, 901 divine textures in total within the bounds of the sect-protecting array. This three-star divine texture which Zen was drawing up was but one small part of the whole.

The second Zen's runic brush came into contact with the sheet of paper, his soul force immediately activated the characteristics of the components in the ink, emitting a blaze of red light. It should be quite apparent that this rune in particular was an offensive one with fire attribute!

The tip of the brush moved gracefully on the paper akin to a stream of fire, steadily painting the paper. The marking and figures on the paper looked just like blossoming flames.

Watching intently as Zen casually used his Perfect Brushwork with such ease, Felix couldn't help himself from feeling so enthralled.

Out of everyone present in Cloud Hall, if there was going to be just one person who was most pleased, it might very well be Felix. When it came to martial arts, he could easily be regarded as a heaven-level talent. In spite of that, though, all his life, he always had this obsession with runes. Thus, even up until now, he was still merely a martial artist in the Internal Elixir Realm. If he were to pick one between Cloud Hall and runes, there was no doubt that he'd go for the runes.

Regardless of the fact that Felix didn't have the ability to perform the Perfect Brushwork, the feeling he ha

ve hours nonstop would have already driven him to his wit's end.

'This young man must have a soul made of iron!' he deeply pondered, still feeling so amazed.

Upon taking a much-needed good night's rest, Zen was able to replenish his stamina and began drawing divine textures once again. The helpers inside the hall also had their hands full with dissecting the materials, hanging them to dry, and then grinding them. All of these methods might sound easy, but they were also quite intricate.

Suddenly, the temperature around the hall seemed to have gone down a little. Letitia came flying in. The assistants and stewards who were much too busy moving around the hall all stopped in their tracks and bowed to her, but Letitia simply waved her hand over to them, gesturing not to cause Zen any distractions.

Her eyes, which seemed to be just as warm as the sun, were glistening intensely. Akin to a peaceful valley, she had her gaze fixated on Zen with a revitalizing and pure allure.

As all of that was happening, Zen had been completely oblivious to it. The only thing he wanted to do was to focus on his brush as he immersed himself into the world of divine textures.

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