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   Chapter 759 Immersion (Part One)

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Drawing up a sect-protecting array was far more complicated as opposed to the enchanted barrier which Zen had drawn on the stage last time.

Before anything else, a sect-protecting array needed the existence of an enchanted barrier that would keep the entire sect safe. By comparison, even the residence of a small sect was still significantly larger than a battle arena.

One could look at the Cloud Sect as an example. Its full location was close to being just as big as the Burning Sky Empire.

That being said, Cloud Hall was a bit of an irregularity.

Beyond everything else, it was hovering up in the clouds.

In spite of the fact that it had a giant floating stone as its foundation, as a fourth-grade sect, Cloud Hall wasn't actually that big.

Apart from the protective enchanted barrier, one more thing it truly needed was attacking capability. There was no way a sect-protecting array could be put up just to defend and without being able to retaliate at all.

Upon exiting the Ice Palace, Felix delivered Cloud Hall's exact dimensions. Immediately following that, Zen floated to the point where Cloud Hall was just beneath him and got a bird's-eye view of his surroundings before carefully going back down.

"Do you have any idea just how many divine textures this sect-protecting array would necessitate?" he asked the cyan dragon.

"If you're planning to use a nine-star divine texture, just a single one would be adequate," the cyan dragon answered right away.

Zen rolled his eyes at his response. One of those nine-star divine textures would be more than enough to lay waste to the entire Central Region.

The fact was that the cyan dragon was currently incapable of drawing a nine-star divine texture. Let's just say that he could, Zen still wouldn't be able to provide the materials in such a short span of time.

"But the Cloud Hall isn't such

ird of the essential materials, Felix had no choice but to purchase the components from World Commercial Alliance themselves.

Every single time a material arrived, Zen would check an item on the list using his thick ink brush. And slowly but surely, more and more materials were getting ticked off.

By the third day, from the moment they started, all the items written on the list had already gotten checked, meaning they were able to procure everything they needed.

As soon as all of the materials had been collected, Zen would have to make use of Felix's space for a while.

Much like Nate, who owned Runic Tower, runic experts needed certain conditions to be met for the area they would be working on. Felix's place was located on the side of Cloud Hall. If one were to glance outside from the empty hall, they could look at the rolling sea clouds, making it the best place in the hall to draw up the runes.

There was a crowd of people gathering in the hall. A handful of those were Felix's underlings who were responsible for taking care of the materials as well as producing ink. Not wanting to risk messing things up due to lack of manpower, Felix decided to call a couple of other stewards to come over and give them some assistance.

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