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   Chapter 757 Attitude Of The Elders (Part Three)

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As Saint Morphens had compliantly traveled together with the Cloud Hall's elite disciples, he felt that he was capable of explaining the situation completely to the crowd Letitia had left behind. Scanning his eyes over the elders' questioning and despairing expressions, he exasperatedly sighed before opening his mouth to speak. "This time, the Cloud Hall's enemy is Eddie."

Surprised gasps echoed throughout the area and some felt faint at the news Saint Morphens revealed to them. "What?!" Emanuel shouted as he jumped up. "Why did you offend this monster?"

Dubbed as the Evil East Lord, Eddie was one of those individuals that made ordinary people tremble in fear just by merely mentioning his name. The man could be righteous at some times and terribly evil at other times. This was due to the fact that if one did not directly provoke him, Eddie would not care for their existence. However, no one would come out alive after facing the consequences once they had done something to anger or insult him.

The people of Cloud Hall never would have thought that participating in the Martial Arts Contest would earn them anything other than a better reputation. However, what they brought home instead was a terrifyingly powerful opponent who was probably already on his way to destroy them.

"What exactly is going on? What happened back there? Morphens!" As Emanuel demanded for the full explanation, he stepped forward and crossed his both arms against his chest. "I need you to give us an explanation, and do not leave any detail behind!"

The elder's demanding tone made Saint Morphens frown. Even though there was a clear show of disrespect from Emanuel, the matter at hand was more significant and he debated to himself that showing anger towards th

of Zen and defended him in the first place. Sighing to himself, Saint Morphens wondered about the possibility of them fighting back and surviving the inevitable war caused by Zen's actions and how Letitia would protect the Cloud Hall from it.

Although Letitia was appointed to be their leader at a young age, she was as stubborn as a rock once she made a decision. Due to this, it was a moot point to discuss among themselves a way to prevent the impending confrontation because the elders, and even the previous leader, Imogen, would not be able to change her mind or pull her back.

As Saint Morphens remained silent, he truly thought that maybe there was something only Letitia knew when she spoke for Zen at the match. Deep down, his loyalties lay on Letitia and he had an inkling that Zen was worth the investment from the Cloud Hall.

As for this group of elders wanting to cause a scene and embarrass themselves in front of the elite disciples as they planned, Saint Morphens merely walked away and placed his hands in his pockets, uncaring of their plot to deal with the situation. In the end, it all depended on Letitia to deal with their bothersome attitudes.

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