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   Chapter 756 Attitude Of The Elders (Part Two)

Apotheosis By En Ci Jie Tuo Characters: 6057

Updated: 2019-07-23 00:32

In order to solve the mystery of the missing disciple from the Black Mountain Sect, the World Commercial Alliance had brought it upon themselves to send several people to the Dragon Soar Arena and waited for results. However noble their mission was, not a single soul from their team returned, yet none of them had also died. With the intention of preventing the warriors from staying in the Upper World, the World Commercial Alliance even tried to threaten them with the condition that if they did not return within a certain period of time, their families would be killed.

Even with the grave threat issued by them, not a single person had returned from the Upper World. Although the phenomenon was considered as enormously strange, they still did not find the answer to the occurrences of the missing warriors trapped inside the Dragon Soar Arena.

It did not occur even a little bit to Dillon before that Zen would be the one to ultimately solve the confounding mystery. It turned out that it was not the case that those people who entered the place did not want to return. Rather, they were forced to stay there, dreadfully imprisoned for a thousand years. Dillon broke out in a cold sweat at the new found knowledge. 'And to think I have also been prepared to travel to the Upper World myself, ' he thought with a wince and let out a breath he did not know he was holding. It was a fortunate thing that Haber had advised and also convinced him to give up on the idea of going there.

With slightly trembling hands, Dillon then passed the crumpled piece of paper to Hobbes and Haber. After the two of them had read it, they immediately looked at one another in shock. "The Dragon Soar Arena is a big trap!" they both exclaimed at the same time. Both men had somehow noticed that the place was rather shady

age to challenge the Cloud Hall. 'Maybe it could be the Ethereal Spirit Sect?' one of them deeply considered. 'The World Commercial Alliance, maybe?' another elder pondered, thinking hard of who could be the strong enemy that made Letitia so frazzled. However, their guesses were highly doubtful as the relationships that the Cloud Hall maintained with the two powers were supported with mutual respect and diplomatic. Other than the two of them, they were not aware of other strong enemies that they could possible face.

Before they could deliberate even further and ask for an additional explanation from the pacing woman, Letitia smoothed her expression into that of resoluteness and did not bother talking about the issue anymore. The lady coldly addressed the people, "Let Felix come to my palace!" With her robes billowing behind and her hair fluttering against the breeze, she briskly walked away and finally entered the Cloud Hall.

Reading the tense atmosphere that suddenly surrounded the place, her entourage silently followed behind her, not bothering to talk with the elders. The strides of Imogen, Zen, and the others, kept up with the woman except for Saint Morphens who had stayed back.

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