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   Chapter 754 Sect-protecting Array (Part Two)

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At this point, Zen abruptly butted in and said with a stern voice, "Master Yu, I think I may have found a way to go against Eddie."

Imogen instantaneously sneered at Zen and shot him a scornful glare, "Do you honestly think he won't be able to do anything to you even after what you've done? You killed Marilyn right in front of his very eyes. Were it not for the World Commercial Alliance, you would have already been reduced to ashes by now and breathed your last breath! If a warrior would be foolish enough to believe that he has the capability of doing something just because luck has fortunately been on his side at one time rather than pin his hopes on his own strength, all I can say is that you won't be as lucky the second time around."

"I consider luck to be one of my strengths as well. Master Yu, could you please let me continue what I was trying to say?" Zen tried his best to politely ask for permission.

"Okay then, you may continue," Imogen calmly responded. It was so apparent that she did not have a good perception of Zen. His sister had been taken away, but he still had the audacity to blame all of it on Letitia. A young warrior at the Illuminating Soul Realm, that was all that he was, and he had the nerve to unreasonably put the blame on her apprentice. How did anyone expect her to put up with this?

In any case, Imogen was able to notice clear as day how Letitia appeared to have been harboring some feelings for Zen. She had been quite partial to him in whatever he did and so fond of him. For that reason, Imogen felt like she had to hold herself back with anything that had to do with him. Apart from that, everyone had an inkling that Zen had somehow been blessed with good fortune. Imogen was a being who had experienced crossing the line between life and death and had a thorough comprehension of life and death. How could she possibly fail to see Zen's great destiny?

To be completely fair, when it came to warriors, their destiny was s

umed the Owl Beast's evil spirit, he finally got his soul power replenished. In the event that Zen would run into some sort of trouble, he could still call out to the cyan dragon for assistance.

The cyan dragon had the capacity to construct a Grand Marvellous Array, one type of grand array that had enough force to lay waste to both heaven and earth. To put up an array for a fourth-grade sect to shelter it against masters of the Life and Death Realm shouldn't prove to be too difficult for someone like him to carry out.

Imogen possessed vast experience up her sleeve. It shouldn't be too hard for her to see the merit of Zen's suggestion.

She lightly bobbed her head and remarked, "If that is indeed true, then there should be no need for indecision. Once you construct the sect-protecting array, our Cloud Hall will take care of all the materials and fees! You have my word!"

Upon hearing Imogen's remarks, Zen deeply thought to himself, 'Well, isn't that just a foolish thing to say? If I lend you a hand in setting up the sect-protecting array, it is a given that you would be the one to shoulder the cost of the materials. After all, who else was she expecting to pay for everything? That is quite a peculiar old lady...' Needless to say, there was no way he could ever dare say that out loud though.

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