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   Chapter 753 Sect-protecting Array (Part One)

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At the end of it all, Eddie had abandoned the skirmish and given up on the competition for the Dragon Soar Arena.

That being said, there were still lots of warriors belonging to different sects as well as independent ones present in the arena, ones who didn't have any intention of letting the chance on fighting for the Dragon Soar Arena slip away.

With all of that in mind, Dillon let out a smile and commented, "Eddie's two disciples have both been taken out. The remainder of the matches would have to proceed as planned, but as you may well see, the arena is currently in ruins..." As he gave those remarks, Dillon motioned to Hobbes with nothing but a simple nod.

Hobbes then promptly exited the venue of the Martial Arts Contest without delay. And after some time, the crowd suddenly heard the thud of a couple of heavy clomps moving closer and closer.

Thump! Thump!

Everyone focused their attention over toward the direction where the sound had been originating from, and a handful of onlookers were surprised to see Hobbes transporting the sizeable combat platform with his rotund frame and approaching them.

This actual battle stage was close to being two hundred feet wide. For the purpose of resisting the power of the masters from the Internal Elixir Realm, it had been fabricated utilizing a method which was much too intricate. A few of the components were even heavier than gold and metal. And as for the weight of the whole platform, it was something quite breathtaking. Taking all of that into consideration, Hobbes just casually lifted it over his shoulders and moved it here solely with his pure brute strength.

A loud sound reverberated in the area.

And with a single intense earth-shattering thump, Hobbes had set the platform in place.

The various sect leaders didn't even bat an eye upon seeing such a scene. For most of the masters from the Virtual Tribulation Realm, a feat like that wasn't out of the ordinary. But every single warrior watching from the stands had been left dumbfounded, causing the area to be overtaken by screams and squeals.

The sect leaders proceeded to come back to their respective places on the high platform, each of them pondering deeply.

Truth be told, a lot of p

At that point, Letitia truthfully couldn't care less if it would be worth all the trouble for the Cloud Hall just to keep Zen away from harm.

Letitia's eyes went dark, and a pang of guilt crept onto her face, "Forgive me… Master, maybe I am just really not worthy of being called the leader of the Cloud Hall. Maybe I'm not good enough."

At the sight of the guilt embedded onto Letitia's face, Imogen heaved a heavy sigh and said, "Ahh, I'm well aware that you can be a bit too passionate when it comes to certain things, but one thing I know for sure is that the talent you possess is a cut above the rest. When you finally finish the cultivation of the Sutra of Empyrean Goddess, you would then be on par with the Life and Death Realm warriors even if you're still at the Virtual Tribulation Realm. Once you make it through the Life and Death Realm, I have faith that you would be capable of leading the Cloud Hall into being a fifth-grade sect, and potentially even helping the Cloud Hall to be counted as one of the sacred places."

If a sixth-grade sect did not long for dominance, then it had the possibility of becoming a sacred place. If it competed for authority, then it would lay the foundations for its own kingdom of warriors. The kingdom would be known as the divine kingdom. Cloud Hall had no aspirations to fight for dominance. Its main goal was to become a sacred place, and that, more than anything else, would be the ultimate distinction one could ever hope to attain.

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