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   Chapter 751 Got Caned (Part Two)

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Eddie's actual motive for pacing quite slowly

was to prod into it.

Out of everyone he knew, there were only two people that Eddie had always been truly heedful of. One of them was Imogen Yu, and the other was an Ancient Tycoon who was in World Commercial Alliance, someone who had lived for more than 1, 700 years! If it weren't for the Ancient Tycoon's existence, Imogen would be the sole being at the Martial Arts Contest that could make Eddie have some second thoughts.

Xander, along with the leader of the Mysterious Luna Hall, could pose a threat for Eddie to some degree, but given that the situation didn't really have anything to do with their sects, they would have no reason to get involved.

Unfortunately, the Ancient Tycoon from the World Commercial Alliance had unexpectedly shown himself.

Eddie had his eyebrows deeply knit.

If it turned out being a one-on-one battle, he was confident that he could defeat any of the leaders of these fourth and fifth-grade sects, and probably even the Ancient Tycoon in the World Commercial Alliance. But confronting all of those people at the same time would put him at a disadvantage.

Let's say that the three heads of the World Commercial Alliance were to team up against him, which would already give Eddie quite a hard time. But now, even Imogen had appeared and then to make it even worse, that millennia-old monster made an appearance.

"Do you mean to say no one has to bear the brunt for my disciple's death?" Eddie pried. Indeed, he might have been the mightiest warrior in Central Region, but here in Oracle City, a place that was brimming with lots of experts, he had been backed into a corner and forced to give in.

"An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth. But there's really no need for you to resolve the dispute caused in the fighting arena right here in Oracle City, right? No one would bat an eye whateve

nding up to Eddie, Imogen had no plans of showing up whatsoever. Zen was indeed a remarkable guy, but Eddie was simply on a league of his own, and much, much more frightening. Cloud Hall was not capable of taking care of Eddie by themselves. The day Eddie finally came to take his revenge, how on earth could the Cloud Hall hope to deal with him?

However, it wasn't fair for Imogen to place all of the blame on Zen. When all was said and done, Zen did not ask Letitia for help at all. It was Letitia who decided that and ended up upsetting Eddie.

Truth be told, Imogen was fully aware that she had no right to blame Zen for what had transpired that day. Letitia was the one who was so stubborn and determined to make a stand, but she had always been indulging Letitia on everything, so there was no way she could go on and release her anger on her. And as a result, it was Zen who unfortunately ended up taking the blow instead.

This showed that Letitia had saved Zen's life in a way, and Zen had taken one for Letitia. At the end of it all, Zen still actually got something out of it. If the primordial energy that had been produced after he had gotten hit by the cane were to be taken into consideration, then he might have just made himself a fortune.

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