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   Chapter 750 Got Caned (Part One)

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Survival of the fittest ruled everyone in the world of warriors, exhibiting itself in every possible facet of life.

If you possessed enough strength, then you'd have the potential to be revered by the people, much like they would worship God; all the people around you would kneel down and bow their heads to you; and even if you did something as irrational as calling a deer a horse, there was bound to be a couple of them who would still blindly go along with you.

Fame, fortune, and authority could only be attained through possessing immense power.

Let's say that a certain warrior had a younger sister who held a Purple Power Body, that person would surely be more than willing to offer her to Eddie. For as long as they could guarantee receiving Eddie's protection, or maybe even just a meager reward, they could make use of it for all eternity.

But on this day, Zen, who appeared to be just as feeble as an ant, up on his feet on the ruins of the arena, had proven to everyone how worthy he was of his dignity.

In spite of the fact that Eddie was widely known as the strongest warrior residing in Central Region, Zen wasn't fazed at all; he didn't even flinch a bit. When he did away with Marilyn, he had no qualms about doing it at all.

In the face of Eddie, who had been fuming with intense rage, Zen retained his composure. He had his gaze fixated on Yan, his younger sister, the only person who meant the world to him.

The gusts of wind were steadily getting heavier and heavier.

The spiritual energy of heaven and earth was growing much more frenzied and uncontrollable.


The basalt beneath Eddie's feet had already been loaded with fissures, and at that moment, it was beginning to collapse bit by bit.

The murderous aura was looming deep inside Eddie's body, like a volcano that was about to flare up. Yan's face had gotten flushed red a little. This was caused by Eddie's hand unconsciously tightening its grip around her neck. In desperate need of breathing in more air, he

titia a threatening glare. The fact was that the old woman had been utterly disappointed in the actions Letitia had taken. In any case, the thing she just casually said indicated that she had been following Zen and putting Cloud hall at risk.

When all was said and done, Letitia was still her beloved disciple. She honestly couldn't care less what would happen to Zen, but she just couldn't let anything bad happen to Letitia.

"Imogen." Eddie shook his head in disapproval. "That is indeed true. You are also not strong enough to stand against me."

Imogen, Letitia's master, who was a former leader of Cloud Hall, was one of the strongest amongst the Life and Death Realm warriors. Having said that, upon entering the Life and Death Realm, she was only able to go through a single heavenly tribulation. Apart from that, she had gotten much too old that the vital energy and blood she had were both already deteriorating, so there was no way she could possibly be a match for Eddie.

While they were about to engage in hostilities, a voice that seemed much older than even Imogen's rang out. "In the Martial Arts Contest, competitors' life or death depends on their own strength. This is a rule that has been laid down by our World Commercial Alliance, one that has been adhered to for hundreds of years. Eddie, aren't you aware of that?"

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