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   Chapter 749 Killing Marilyn

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In the entire history of the Central Region, Arnold was the one who represented the peak of rune attainment. The sect-protecting array that he had once drawn still served and played a great role in the Ethereal Spirit Sect.

The array was guarded by six warriors who, regardless of their strength, would be able to annihilate and resist anyone that came with evil intentions so long as they understood the principle of the array's operation. This was proven to be true when the array had been enough to push back against an attack by warriors at the Virtual Tribulation Realm.

For independent warriors who did not belong to any sect or see the need to establish their own sect, a protecting array wasn't anything valuable. For sects, however, it was even more important than a sacred weapon.

Unfortunately, ever since Arnold's death, there hadn't been anyone in the world who had Perfect Brushwork. Even if the other sects copied the sect-protecting array of the Ethereal Spirit Sect, the effect would be far from satisfactory.

That was why it took everyone by surprise when Zen was able to boost the power of the arena's enchanted barriers to the point that they could withstand a punch from a warrior at the Life and Death Realm, by drawing up just over a hundred runes. It was quite unbelievable. Did he truly draw those runes? If so, just what kind of rune was able to stimulate the energy to form such a strong barrier?

They did not realize that what Zen drew wasn't exactly runes. Instead, they were divine textures loaded with more power that enabled Zen to significantly strengthen the arena's barriers.

Naturally, none of the Central Region's sect leaders could fathom the power of these divine textures. It wasn't something that they had ever seen before.

In the Genuine Dragon World, the cyan dragon's Grand Marvelous Array was powerful enough to resist an attack from a super legendary beast.

However, due to the restriction of the materials in the Central Region, drawing up the Grand Marvelous Array proved to be an impossible task for Zen. Moreover, he still didn't have the ability to draw a nine-star or even a ten-star rune.

Eddie was extremely surprised when he realized that his attack had been simply absorbed by the barrier. He could only watch as Zen pressed his sword upon Marilyn's neck. "I don't want to discuss conditions with an ant," he told Zen. "But you are an exception. Tell me, what do you want?"

From the scene in front of him, Eddie surmised that had Zen truly wanted to kill Marilyn, then he would've done so earlier. No, he must be up to something if he was dragging the matter on like this.

Zen looked up at Eddie with a furious glare. "Release Yan," he said coldly.

Zen's words shocked him and there was only a handful of things that could shock someone like Eddie. Zen's request had him thinking hard, not truly understanding why he would ask him something like that until he realized something. "I remember now…"

Eddie murmured, his face brightening in recognition. "I've seen you before." And indeed he had. He remembered that time back in Cloud Sect when he had first met Zen.

He should've thought about it since the beginning, but given his status, he had not cared about Zen at all despite thinking

f his sockets, "Y-YOU!"

He never thought Zen would actually do it. He didn't think he actually had the guts to do so, but the bloody scene in front of him now told him that Zen truly was courting death.

All the other sect leaders were equally surprised. Just now, it felt as if Zen was merely bluffing, but Marilyn's dead, bloody corpse on the ground proved just how serious he was when he made his threat.

Xander sighed and murmured a quick prayer, "This is bad!"

The faces of the World Commercial Alliance's three leaders were grim. With Marilyn's death, a big fight was surely brewing.

All three of them immediately flew towards the front of the arena. Even Letitia walked off the stand, her body emitting a cold aura as she conditioned herself into a battle-ready state.

In the audience stands, some warriors were panicking and quite a lot had already started running away.

The power unleashed by a Virtual Tribulation Realm warrior was enough to crush the entire arena and everyone in it to pieces. The strongest warrior of the Central Region, who had reached the Life and Death Realm, was about to make his move. The results were to be nothing short of devastating. If a fight between Zen and Eddie broke out, the shock wave would undoubtedly be enough to harm, if not kill, anyone in close proximity. It was wise to run away now before it was too late.

Patrick shook his head at the scene in front of him. "Zen was too rash. He shouldn't have killed Marilyn."

Lewis curled his lips. "This fellow truly is too fierce. He really dared to kill Marilyn. He was simply giving it his all. Is there anyone in the world more ferocious than him?"

"If it were me, I would've also killed her," Rocher thoughtfully replied.

Patrick raised an eyebrow. "Why?"

he asked curiously.

"Without Marilyn, Eddie is one girl short for his Lustful Demon Array," Rocher explained. "Because of this, his plans will surely be delayed. Finding another virgin with a Purple Power Body will not be easy. It could take years, decades, maybe even centuries. In that time-frame, Zen would surely get stronger and be given the chance to defeat Eddie. Today, Zen may not die."

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