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   Chapter 748 The Amazing Enchanted Barriers

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Heavy footsteps thundered on the dusty rock surface. It was Zen, who slowly descended into the arena and walked towards Marilyn.

It turned out that the power of Zen's punch was enough to break all of Marilyn's bones, but she wasn't dead yet.

If Marilyn were only an ordinary woman, it would be impossible to save her life as her injuries were too grave—but she was a cultivator at the Internal Elixir Realm. As long as she was treated with elixirs in time, she would eventually heal.

However, Zen was about to kill this woman.

"Zen won! He really won. Luckily I bet on him!"

"But it seems he wants to kill Marilyn! Will he dare do that?"

"I don't think so. Eddie is watching them!"

Many of the warriors in the audience began to whisper among themselves when they saw Zen walking towards Marilyn. If he really dared to kill her, then things would get worse.

Meanwhile, Letitia tightly clutched the crystal in her small hand. It was already infused with her life vitality, and the magical eye of the Angel of Death constantly rotated inside. She was nervous at that moment, as she was quite clear that Zen would kill Marilyn.

"Zen, leave the arena and I'll spare your life. One more step and you'll die!" Eddie's calm voice rang from the elevated platform. He walked towards the platform's edge with closed fists, which glowed with yellow life vitality.

The elevated platform built by the World Commercial Alliance was made of solid basalt. A crack appeared on its surface beneath Eddie's feet, and then it passed through a few feet on the elevated platform before it spread to his surroundings.

Eddie had shattered the platform with just a light step. Everyone went completely silent, and only the cracking sound of the basalt was heard.

The leaders of the large sects were also speechless. Even the naive and talkative Brent sensed the tense atmosphere before him and didn't say a word.

On the other hand, Zen stopped and looked at Eddie. Marilyn was very important to Eddie, but Zen had to kill her for Yan's sake.

After that, Zen crossed the space again. The long sword in his hand glinted under the light as he aimed it straight at Marilyn's neck.

"You're courting death!" Eddie shouted.

Suddenly, he threw a frustrated punch towards the arena.

Though he hadn't attacked anyone for many years, he was still the number one warrior in the Central Region. One could just imagine the power of his punch.

His punch seemed to drain the world of all its energy as his bright, golden fist shot towards Zen at an incredible speed.

As he launched his attack, Eddie was confident that he could kill Zen before Zen could kill Marilyn.

The moment Eddie made his move, everyone gasped and held their breaths.

The number one warrior in the Central Region launched his attack, which was target

bined power of all its runes was able to activate the defensive power of this level. How many runes were under the small arena? It was only a few hundred runes!

In addition, Zen had only re-drawn more than a hundred runes.

At that moment, Zen's existence immediately became like a precious treasure in the eyes of many sect leaders.

The sect-protecting array was too important for any sect. If they encountered strong enemies, the sect-protecting array would always be able to hold them off for a period of time. It was unlikely for the invaders to smash the whole sect into pieces.

Once upon a time, the Black Mountain Sect, a fourth-grade sect, had a feud with a cultivator at the early stage of the Virtual Tribulation Realm. That cultivator was no match for the leader of Black Mountain Sect, but he was extremely fast in speed.

Whenever the leader of Black Mountain Sect went into seclusion or occasionally left the sect, that cultivator wrecked chaos in the Black Mountain Sect.

When the leader came back, the cultivator had already escaped.

Even a cultivator at the early stage of the Virtual Tribulation Realm had caused a fourth-grade sect to suffer. In the end, the Black Mountain Sect had no choice but to settle this matter.

It would have been helpful for them if they had a sect-protecting array at that time. It would at least hold off the enemy for quite a long while.

Back to the present, Zen had only used more than a hundred runes to block Eddie's attack. If he had drawn thousands of runes to form a sect-protecting array, would it have been enough to defend against a cultivator at the Life and Death Realm and even kill him?

With that thought into consideration, one could imagine how astounded the sect leaders were. Even Lady Poison-blood, who hated Zen so much, suddenly looked at Zen seductively, her eyes filled with hunger and thirst.

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