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   Chapter 747 Break The Purple Power Domain

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At Zen's question, the two dragons claimed they were unsure.

"Her space node is definitely somewhere in the fighting arena. It is hidden, but as long as you use the Space Law to shuttle back and forth, you should be able to discover it," the cyan dragon added.

"So that's how it must be." Zen's body flickered as he took a step forward. He once again dodged the twenty-one giant swords above his head as he shuttled through space.

As the twenty-one giant swords plunged into the ground, half of the entire arena was crushed. The arena that was built with the efforts of countless craftsmen now looked like a tilted and sunken boat. One end was raised high, while the other was pressed into the ground.

Zen moved through the giant swords, from above to below and from side to side, while the life vitality within his body whirled unceasingly, supporting him in activating the Space Law.

More giant swords kept crashing and gradually disappearing. Zen's figure too kept swaying. Each time he moved through space, countless afterimages were left behind—these were the shadows and illusions projected in space.

The scene confused the warriors in the audience.

"What is Zen doing?"

"It is true that he's able to effectively avoid the giant swords by constantly shuffling through space. However, as more and more giant swords appear, he would be unable to escape death in the end."

"He's just spinning things out. What a pity! This championship of the Martial Arts Contest might as well be won by Marilyn. I'm afraid the Dragon Soar Arena will fall into her hands."

Although these warriors did not have the qualifications required to participate in the Martial Arts Contest, they had a good understanding of the current situation. In their opinion, the ones with the most strength to compete for the top three positions were only Brent, Marilyn, and Zen.

There was no way that Marilyn would spare Zen in the battle. He was destined to die. Then, the final round would take place between Marilyn and Brent. As for Brent… It seemed as though he would be unable to snap the Purple Power Domain.

The Purple Power Domain was mighty. It couldn't be harmed at all. It was simply an unbreakable domain, in which no one could defeat Marilyn.

A transparent crystal floated over Letitia's hand. Inside it was an eye with the size of a walnut. It was unknown what creature's eye it was, but it looked as if it had a life of its own as it rotated and looked about.

Letitia's small hand gripped the lower half of the crystal as she watched Zen's every move.

Cloud Hall had a long history, and as the second largest sect of the Central Region, its legacy was rich.

The crystal in her hand contained the magical eye of a young Angel of Death, a beast with three magical eyes. The thirteenth leader of the Cloud Hall had obtained the magical eye from the Arctic Icecap four thousand years ago, and then sealed it in the crys

er anxious.

Upon hearing what the cyan dragon said, Zen didn't hesitate. He took a single step to stop in front of Marilyn and then chopped at her.

Once again, Marilyn's figure danced in the air. She was able to dodge the attack once again. However, half of her long hair was cut off.

"Again!" The killing intent in Zen's eyes surged forward as he rushed toward Marilyn once again. He simply couldn't allow her a chance to catch her breath.

Marilyn instinctively understood that they had reached a most crucial moment. Her figure flickered once again.

However, it was tough for her to dodge a sword strike that was combined with the Space Law and danced to its tune. This particular attack managed to pierce through Marilyn's ribs.


Successfully having stabbed her, Zen put his sword back into his space ring. Now, he rushed closer to Marilyn to throw a punch at her.

He had never been so ruthless to a woman before, but he knew he had no other choice but to kill her.

As Marilyn saw Zen's fist coming at her, she realized that his strength was not that of any ordinary warrior. His fist might be even deadlier than his sword.

At this critical moment, she waved her hand in a sleek motion and a purple enchanted barrier enveloped her.

"Enchanted barrier? Useless!"

Zen exerted the power of the Emerald Crystal in his left arm and injected it into the enchanted barrier.


The enchanted barrier broke into pieces like an eggshell.


Zen threw another punch at her chest, knocking her down to the ground from the air above. The power in the single punch was enough to crack the bones in her body, making her collapse limply as if she had no bones at all.

Zen was relieved when he saw the light on the blood rune fade away and vanish. He wasn't sure what a true spirit was, but he was certain that he was no match for it. If this woman had summoned the true spirit, he would have been dead for sure.

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