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   Chapter 746 Purple Power World

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As Brent's comments left Philip at a loss for words, Xander heaved a sigh and said, "What a pity for such young talent! I'm afraid he won't get through today. Letitia is still too young and inexperienced. I wonder why she sent him to take part in the Martial Arts Contest."

He was heavy-hearted as he obviously also believed that Zen would not be able to break Marilyn's Purple Power Domain and that he was bound to lose in the end.

Among the spectators in the grandstand, Rocher and Patrick looked stern as they intently watched Zen's unsuccessful attacks.

He seemed to be having a hard time knocking off his opponent. He even resorted to using the Space Law to approach Marilyn nimbly, like a bat out of hell. But he would not be able to pose any threat to her. What should he do?

Extreme tension clearly filled the air as the atmosphere in the arena had gotten intense. No one dared to move.

As luck would have it, Zen was able to teleport after mastering the first layer of the Space Law.

More often than not, some warriors could teleport by relying on their speed and agility. However, no matter how fast these warriors were, their move still took time. It could be three seconds, or it could be in a blink of an eye.

Zen's teleportation, however, was a way to move through space! Theoretically, the time had no real essence in moving across space.

And this kind of mysterious movement method gave Zen a clear-cut advantage in his face-off against the majority of the Internal Elixir Realm warriors. However, it didn't quite work with Marilyn, who was in the Purple Power Domain.

Thus his attempts became futile and came to naught as he failed to cause any harm to her. Marilyn quickly disappeared in a puff of purple smoke whenever he made a move in front of her to punch her. Only the reverberating sound of her peals of crisp laughter could be heard right after she vanished.

"You won't be able to hurt me." Marilyn appeared behind Zen and said with a teasing smile.

Sensing her presence, Zen immediately turned around and kicked her, but she became invisible again and reappeared further away. She shook her head, looking at Zen playfully as if she was teasing a puppy.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Out of nowhere, three flying knives, coming from different directions were hurled, aiming towards Zen.

But this time, Zen didn't dodge. With a flash of silver light in his hand, a flying knife was shot out. It swirled around Zen.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

The three flying knives from Marilyn were instantly cut down by Zen's broken flying knife.

Actually, these knives could never cause much damage to Zen from the very beginning. It was only a tactic. He intentionally let himself be hurt by the flying knives because he thought it would make Marilyn drop her guard. And by then, he would take her by surprise and launch a fatal attack.

Never did he imagine that he would be unable to kill her in the Purple Power Domain.

He realized that this was going to be too troublesome.

Every time Marilyn was attacked, she would disappear in a puff of purple smoke. Zen ransacked his brain hard about th

swords swooshing down is constantly increasing. It seems that Zen won't make it through."

Five swords fell at the same time…

Six swords fell down simultaneously...

Another ten swords jolted out synchronously...

As more and more swords began to fall from above Zen's head, the space in which he could evade the attacks became more limited.

"Is that I can't do anything if she's hiding in the Purple Power World?" Zen asked.

"Not really. Everything has a solution," the cyan dragon coolly said with a slow smile curled up.

"Why didn't you say it earlier?" Zen said angrily in his mind.

"You didn't ask..."


A gigantic sword almost grazed past Zen's forehead as it whooshed down. The huge blade forcefully thrust into the ground of the arena. Then, it slowly disappeared in front of Zen.

"If you don't say it now, I'm going to die!" Zen once again crossed through space and teleported to another corner of the arena. However, that damn sword was like a shadow following him and did not give him a chance to catch his breath. Just as he passed through space and arrived at another side, another twenty swords appeared above his head!

"Ha! Ha! Ha! This is how my brother is like! He always dawdles and does everything unhurriedly. This woman is merely an Internal Elixir Realm cultivator, so of course, she couldn't travel through different worlds. If you think that she is capable of that, then you are wrong. Actually, people with the Purple Power Body could create special space nodes and communicate with the Purple Power World! Her real form is in that special node, so all you need to do is to find that space node!" The red dragon was of impatient disposition. So he explained the whole thing in one breath.


Zen once again traversed through space, ducking the twenty swords above his head.

At this time, the entire battle arena was in a mess. There were thick cracks and ditches everywhere, creating a chaotic scene.

"Space node, where is it?" Twenty-one gigantic swords appeared side by side above his head, just as he finished asking.

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