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   Chapter 743 Marilyn Challenged Zen (Part One)

Apotheosis By En Ci Jie Tuo Characters: 7671

Updated: 2019-07-21 02:14

The sixth-grade pill Zen offered slowly but surely began its task of relieving the pain the man was going through. Since he was not dead, there was a high chance that he could get significantly better after consuming the elixir. The pill started to mend his vessels and heal from the inside.

However, it was concerning that the meridians in Owen's body were almost completely damaged. Even if he was capable of a full recovery from his major injuries, it would be difficult for him to regain his former strength and prowess quickly. He was looking at maybe several years down the road before coming back to his strongest form. If worse came to worst, he might never be able to reach his former level for the rest of his existence.

With the elixir numbing his pain, his excited smile seemed more like a grimace when he tried to lift his head to look at Zen. As he paid no attention to the current condition of his body, the fire of hope in his heart that had been extinguished upon being thoroughly beaten had ignited once again.

Anyone who were in his shoes would have been thrilled despite everything. His plan to take down Marilyn failed miserably, which meant that he would never get his girlfriend back unless Eddie released her. However, it was impossible for Eddie to let his beloved go.

Discovering that someone else had also planned to destroy Marilyn lightened his mood. Although he had still felt hopeless and despair, a beacon of light shone through in the form of Zen.

As Zen leaned over him and quietly inspected his weary state, he met the eyes of Owen and tried his best to give him a reassuring nod. "You should take your time and rest," the man stated before walking back to the platform. He quietly muttered, "Leave it to me."

When Marilyn saw the exchange, a faint sneer graced her features. The woman scoffed under her breath and then turned away, fixing her gaze on the ongoing battle.

Right in the center of the battle ring stood two men engaged in an intense fight. One of the fighters was Brent of the Ethereal Spirit Sect and his opponent was Joel who hailed from the Mysterious Luna Hall.

Comparing the rank of both men, Joel appeared to be marginally stronger, as he had reached the medium level of the Internal Elixir Realm while Brent was only at t

cultivators from the Internal Elixir Realm, Brent vowed to himself that he wanted to challenge him. The young boy's former plan was to battle Zen right after he finished Eden.

However, he was unfortunately unable to carry out his plan since the two cultivators who he had wanted to fight ultimately ended up fighting with each other. Before he had a chance to choose Eden as his opponent, Zen had already defeated the other in the blink of an eye. With a total defeat, Eden's warrior spirit was even destroyed. Thus, Brent changed his plan and made Zen become his first target.

Disappointed, he crossed his arms against his chest and slouched. "It looks like you don't have the guts to fight with me," the young boy gloomily stated. Nonetheless, he raised his eyebrow in challenge and urged the other man into action by provoking him. "Are you that scared to lose?"

Shaking his head indifferently, Zen gave an unimpressed look to the other boy. The cultivator did not intend to respond to such childish provocation from someone younger than him. If fate allowed him, he would battle this boy and take him down a peg right after he was done defeating Marilyn.

With pursed lips, Brent stomped back to the platform wherein the people from his sect were mumbling angrily among themselves. Uncrossing his arms, he gripped his challenge card tightly and he despondently thought, 'I just wanted to show everyone a good fight..'

One of them sighed, dissatisfied. "I actually looked forward to watching Zen and Brent fight!"

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