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   Chapter 742 Treatment

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If anyone present shared the same feeling as Owen, it was Zen.

Both of them were chasing the same goal. As Zen witnessed Owen's miserable ending, all sorts of feelings welled up in his heart.

However, Owen's miserable end didn't waver his own resolve to kill Marilyn. Instead, he was now even more determined to do it. Now, Zen closed his eyes, trying his best not to look in Marilyn's direction, for he was afraid that his killing intent was too difficult to suppress and would be detected by her.

Letitia sat behind Zen in silence. She wanted to say something through her life vitality, but in the end she just let out a quiet sigh. She knew very well that she could not persuade Zen in any way. Moreover, Zen had proved that he was strong enough to fight a warrior at the Internal Elixir Realm. He had a lot of cards up his sleeves. At any given moment, no one knew how he could trump his opponent.

However, the moment Zen tried to kill Marilyn, Eddie would certainly take action. He wouldn't just let it slide.

The three leaders of the World Commercial Alliance could not foresee Zen killing Marilyn, nor did they have any way of being informed of it beforehand. The three obese men would not be able to stop Eddie from retaliating in anger.

That was to say, Zen would fall into an impossible situation.

As Letitia came to this conclusion, she bit her lower lip and looked at Zen. Her eyes revealed a trace of determination, as if she had already made a decision in her heart.

On the arena, Marilyn looked down at Owen. The latter was unable to move even an inch. "I won't kill you, but you will be tormented cruelly if I keep you alive," Marilyn said in a soft voice. "In fact, the Lustful Demon Array is perfect for your lover. After all her six senses are sealed, she would be able to reach the Internal Elixir Realm. Moreover, after she gives up her virginity energy for the sake of the Lustful Demon Array, she would be able to absorb Eddie's male vitality and step into the Virtual Tribulation Realm. The Lustful Demon Array is an excellent technique to induce lust. It permits one to enjoy the pleasures of the mortal world."

Hearing Marilyn's words, Owen, who was firmly pinned down by the black thorns, started to tremble. The thorns and the crimson flowers shook with the movement too.

He stared at Marilyn with lifeless eyes. His bloodstained lips moved as he muttered something in a hoarse voice.

"What did you just say?" Marilyn asked Owen, walking up to him.

Owen sputtered, blood trickling out of his mouth as he spoke with some difficulty, "I said, old virgin!"

Marilyn's expression changed abruptly. She raised her hand, turning it into a blade. About to chop Owen's head off, she stopped at the last moment, the blade inches away from his forehead. He could see it from the corner of his eyes. "You want to provoke me into kill

have any relationship with Zen. He had traveled thousands of miles from the Woolen Grassland for the competition. Besides his lover, there was no one he knew in Oracle City.

During the pre-qualifying match, Zen had blackmailed Owen into giving him a great number of supreme life vitality crystals. 'Why did he come over?' Owen wondered inwardly, still bitter over the fact.

"This is a grade 6 pill. It can save your life," Zen whispered to him.

Zen had asked Letitia for the pill. He might not have anything to do with Owen. Owen's death wouldn't change anything for him. But when Zen sensed Owen's resolve, he thought that he should step forward to help the thrashed boy.

Letitia didn't have many grade 6 pills with her. It was a high-quality healing panacea of the Cloud Hall.

"Why?" Owen asked with great difficulty, his voice suspicious.

Zen used his life vitality to wrap the pill. With a gentle pinch, the golden pill cracked open. Then, with a slight movement of his finger, the pill turned into powder and floated to Owen's mouth.

Hearing the question, Zen blinked. Other than Letitia and her master, no one else knew the answer to it. In the end, Zen chose to reply to Owen through his life vitality. "Why? Because we have the same goal."

Owen's eyes had long lost their luster. He had surmised that his failure meant that his life was meaningless.

However, as he heard Zen, his originally listless eyes began to shine and glimmer. He opened his mouth in excitement, saying, "You, you…"

Unlike Zen, Owen had done a thorough investigation on Eddie before arriving in Oracle City. Not only did he investigate the identity of Marilyn, he also dug up information on the other woman with the Purple Power Body. It suddenly occurred to him that the woman's name was Yan Luo.

Zen's surname was Luo too. Owen did the math, comprehension dawning on him. At once, he understood who Zen was.

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