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   Chapter 741 The Corpse Parasite

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Owen was a warrior who boasted about his fast speed. He practiced the cultivation method of the wind system, and furthermore, he had completely comprehended the first layer of Wind Law.

In terms of his comprehension of Wind Law, Owen was already on par with Zen. But no one knew what sort of lucky chance Owen had received to comprehend Wind Law.

However, this was the world of martial artists. Those with extraordinary talents often had good luck. Since Owen had divine-level talent, it wasn't strange for him to have such a lucky opportunity.

However, Marilyn's technique was unique. Even with Owen's comprehension of Wind Law, he was unable to catch up with her.

After failing several times, Owen used the secret art of beast transmogrifying.

"What is that? Why has Owen's body changed?"

"He is too fast. I can't see the transformation clearly. Tell me. What has he changed into?"

"He's transformed into a leopard. Judging from those lines, it could be a legendary beast, the Cloud Leopard! He possesses the blood of the Cloud Leopard, and the concentration in his blood must be very high, which is why he can transform into a beast!"

Amongst the many practitioners, there were still some who knew a lot.

The Cloud Leopard was a legendary beast. Even though it couldn't compare with a super legendary beast, it was on par with the Blue Phoenix, the Roc, the Heavenly Mouse, and other legendary beasts.

Merely having a legendary beast's blood in a cultivator's body was insufficient for him to transform into a beast. For example, Zen had the blood of the Genuine Dragon, but he was unable to change into a dragon because the blood concentration was not high enough. Only when the blood concentration had reached a certain level could he transform into a beast.

Since Owen was able to mutate into a beast, the concentration of the Cloud Leopard's blood in his body must be very high.

At this moment, Owen looked like a half-beast human. His nails were sharp, and his round pupils had turned yellow. Two thin lines appeared in the center of his pupils, similar to a leopard's eyes. Sharp tusks shone at the corner of his lips, and his body was covered with pale cyan light.


Owen roared. His speed had increased manifold now that he was in beast form. With the unique aura of the legendary beast, he pounced at Marilyn.


Marilyn probably did not expect Owen's speed to increase significantly. Since she couldn't guard against him in time, she failed to dodge his attack.

His claws collided with Marilyn's shoulder.

Owen's claws were so sharp that they shredded Marilyn's clothes. Instantly, her upper garments turned to powder, revealing the undergarment that covered her chest. B

his hand. The bug was only the size of a thumb, and there were many colors on its back. As soon as it appeared, it spread its wings and flew toward Owen's head.

When the bug was halfway through its journey, Marilyn thrust the flower in her hand at it. The flower branch pierced right into it, nailing it firmly to the ground.

Although the bug was small, it was quite fierce. Even though it was nailed to the ground by the flower branch, it still struggled desperately.

With a smile, she looked at the bug and said, "It's a corpse parasite. Owen, I can tell that you're determined to kill me. After the parasite enters your body, you'll be much more powerful, but you will also turn into a walking corpse, as the parasite will devour your soul. What's worse, you won't be able to walk the path of reincarnation after death. Eventually, your soul will be scattered."

The corpse parasite was vicious. After being possessed by it, a person would definitely die a miserable death, and even his brain and soul would be devoured. But after being possessed by the parasite, a warrior would become a killing machine, and all the potential in his body would be fully exploited. Evidently, those who used this inhuman method bet all on a single throw.

The light in Owen's eyes gradually dimmed. He had given up all hope.

The flesh-eating flowers were unfamiliar to many people, but the corpse parasite was well known.

"Owen wanted to use the corpse parasite on himself. How determined he is!"

"He dared to pay such a price for the girl he loves. Alas. What a pity."

"I've never heard of anyone using the corpse parasite on himself!"

Seeing this, many martial artists sighed. They felt pity for Owen.

Zen clenched his fists as he stared at the arena, unmoving. His gaze was like the rippling waves of water.

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