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   Chapter 739 The Same Goal

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Any treasures that could strengthen the power of the soul were extremely rare, so they were invaluable.

The Soul-nurturing Jade could only be considered as a fairy weapon. However, there were numerous fairy weapons in the Central Region, but only a few could strengthen a soul's power.

Even in the World Commercial Alliance, this Soul-nurturing Jade was considered as a valuable item.

When Nate heard that Dillon was going to give Zen the Soul-nurturing Jade, he felt that Dillon's decision was a bit unfair. However, he didn't dare to say anything. Whatever he would say would only invite insult to himself. In comparison to Zen, the runic experts were useless men, good for nothing.

The truth was that they were not amateurs. After all, their rune techniques represented the highest level in the Central Region. In particular, Nate was the only one who was able to draw a five-star rune. If he served for any sect, he would be highly valued by that sect, and he would be treated as if he were their top treasure.

Since Zen was outstanding, they paled in comparison with Zen. They were not in the same league.

Dillon's offer of the Soul-nurturing Jade was a nice gesture with which to befriend Zen.

The World Commercial Alliance had made a move really fast. The three leaders had recognized Zen's value the moment Michael passed Zen's first rune work to the headquarters of the World Commercial Alliance.

But they didn't expect that the situation would change so quickly. Back then, Zen appeared from the Dragon Soar Arena. To settle things, Dillon offended Zen by questioning him about the secret of the Dragon Soar Arena. And soon after, he met Zen during the Martial Arts Contest.

The World Commercial Alliance was, of course, not afraid of Zen. But they valued great talents and would spare no efforts to attract them. That was why the World Commercial Alliance had developed and thrived to what it was today.

The Soul-nurturing Jade was offered to Zen as compensation. It wasn't too late for Dillon to make amends.

Zen politely accepted it. He knew the value of the Soul-nurturing Jade. Though this Soul-nurturing Jade would be of little use to Zen since his soul had entered the Fighting Soul Realm, he could gift it to someone else or sell it and make a fortune.

After accepting the Soul-nurturing Jade, Zen turned to the stewards and said, "I've just finished drawing these runes, but I'm not sure if they will work properly."

The stewards of the World Commercial Alliance put the last three stones that carried the four-star runes Zen had drawn into place. After that, Xiao took out an array plate and prepared to test the enchanted barrier.

Nate and the others viciously hoped that the runes wouldn't work and that the enchanted barrier wouldn't perform its function.

However, what happened next disappointed them. As soon as Xiao activated the array plate in his hand, it

is voice and shouted, "I will challenge the independent warrior, Marilyn Si!"

"What?!" Zen's eyes flashed. At the same time, he looked at the area where Eddie was seated, his mind a mess. 'Why did Owen pick Marilyn?'

Owen had participated in the pre-qualifying match on the same day as Zen. On that day, Zen had used the twelve-level pagoda to extort him ruthlessly. But Owen, who came from the Woollen Grassland seemed to be quite wealthy, as he gave a lot of supreme life vitality crystals to Zen without batting an eye.

Owen's cultivation base was at the ultimate level of the Illuminating Soul Realm. He was able to challenge an Internal Elixir Realm warrior; thus, his real strength was something to be reckoned with. Regardless, Zen didn't expect that Owen would challenge Marilyn.

"Could it be that he has the same goal as me?" Zen's heart suddenly beat faster. Zen looked in the direction where Yan stood. Beside Yan stood another woman. Zen had noticed her earlier before. She was the third person who had the Purple Power Body. If it hadn't been for her, Zen wouldn't have faced such a grim situation. Of course, Zen wouldn't blame it on her.

Did Owen come here for her? It was highly possible!

What was her relationship with Owen? It didn't matter anymore.

"It's getting tricky!" Zen frowned.

Marilyn was his target. She must die by his hands. Before he achieved his goal, Zen did not want any mishaps to happen. If Owen killed her in battle, it would be the best result for Zen. But if he failed to kill Marilyn, then Marilyn would be alerted. This was not what Zen would expect to see.

But now, Zen couldn't stop him. Perhaps, at this moment, Owen had the same thoughts as he did.

"Challenge me? Hahahaha..." Marilyn walked gracefully forward and said with a charming smile, "You want to kill me, don't you?"

Hearing these words, Owen's and Zen's hearts suddenly tightened. They turned red in the face.

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