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   Chapter 737 Zen Started Repairing The Runes

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There was a time when everyone would recommend those who wanted to study runes to go to the Ethereal Spirit Sect.

This was because Arnold, the Son of Rune, was born in the Ethereal Spirit Sect. Over hundreds of years, all sorts of runic experts had gone to the sect for further study.

Unfortunately, the Ethereal Spirit Sect had consumed too much of Arnold's fame and didn't place too much importance on the study of runes. Gradually, Ethereal Spirit Sect's rune technique began to decline. Other than the sect-protecting array left by Arnold, the Ethereal Spirit Sect's rune technique wasn't special.

Along with the rise of the World Commercial Alliance, as well as the continuous evolution of runes and the establishment of the Runic Tower, all the runic experts in the Central Region would choose to study runes at the Runic Tower instead of at Ethereal Spirit Sect.

The Runic Tower was the authority of runes in the entire Central Region, and these three people were the highest-ranked runic experts at the Runic Tower. Their knowledge of runes was second to none.

When Nate said they needed three days, no one in the Central Region dared to say otherwise.

Therefore, he dared to say, "If you can find a person in the Central Region who can fix them in less than three days, I will call him Master."

That was why they mocked Zen's ignorance. As the saying went, "Young people are fearless. It is because they are ignorant."

Zen didn't get angry when he heard Nate's taunt. He didn't bother to pay attention to them and said to Dillon, "Master Shi, I can repair these runes within two hours. How much are you offering me?"

"Are you sure you can fix them?" Zen had performed many unimaginable miracles. No one believed that a warrior at the Illuminating Soul Realm could make any of these miracles happen. However, Zen had done it. Dillon felt that he had gotten used to witnessing one more miracle from Zen.

"I can give it a try. Even if I fail, it won't delay the match in any way, right?" Zen said with a laugh.

Zen's argument made sense. At most, it would delay the match by a few hours. If Zen was unable to repair the runes, the warriors would have to wait three days to watch the next battle. Two hours meant nothing compared to the three-day wait.

Just as Dillon was about to nod, Nate and the other two runic experts stopped him.

They didn't think that Zen would be able to repair these runes. In their eyes, this kid wouldn't be able to fix them in two hundred or two thousand hours, let alone two hours. The fact that Dillon actually believed Zen made it hard for them to accept.

It was like how a chef, who had fed his master for many years, spent twenty hours cooking a great dish. All of

Region. They believed that the rune techniques in the outside world were not valuable.

'How did a runic expert with Perfect Brushwork suddenly appear?'

When they saw this scene, the three runic experts were shocked and didn't know what to do.

A trace of coldness flashed through Dillon's small eyes. He had agreed to let Zen try because he wanted to deflate Nate's and his companions' arrogance.

These guys were so full of themselves that they had become arrogant in the past few years. Even if the World Commercial Alliance was to ask them to draw some runes, they would ask for an outrageous price. They behaved as if they were indifferent toward everyone and acted like they were the number one in the Central Region. They had forgotten that they were also members of the World Commercial Alliance and had long forgotten that the Runic Tower had been established with the financial resources of the World Commercial Alliance.

Now, they would understand that they were no longer number one in rune drawing in the Central Region.

Zen's rune drawing speed was very fast.

When Zen was drawing runes in the early days, he needed to stop and think about how to draw them. Rune drawing was linked to the strength of a runic expert's soul. Rune drawing was rather soul power consuming.

But Zen's soul power was stronger now. A soul that had stepped into the Fighting Soul Realm was incomparably sturdy. Drawing divine textures was a small matter. Moreover, he was only following the original strokes on the stone tablet and restoring these runes to their original state!


The runic brush kept drawing out a stroke after another, and soon, the first rune was repaired.

At this moment, as one of the Central Region's greatest runic experts, Nate could not utter a single word in front of Zen.

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