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   Chapter 736 Repair The Runes

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Xiao's face twisted when he heard the waves of curses from the audience. He thought, 'If we don't repair these enchanted barriers, then hundreds of people in the audience might be killed during the battles. When that happens, you'll be cursing us again!'

Not long after, three people flew into the arena and bowed before Xiao.

They were the runic experts of the World Commercial Alliance. Their expertise was such that they could be considered as the top runic experts in the entire Central Region.

How did the World Commercial Alliance accumulate all these resources? Because they were rich and had the best weapon refiners, alchemists, and runic experts.

Masters of different professions and many independent cultivators were willing to join the World Commercial Alliance considering its reputation. Although they would have a good future if they joined sects, they would receive more resources if they allied with the World Commercial Alliance.

This was one of the ways through which the World Commercial Alliance attracted talented people.

It was true that the three runic experts couldn't compare to Arnold, the Son of Rune. But it was difficult to find a runic expert in the Central Region as equally skilled at rune drawing as these three men.

In Oracle City, almost all the runes from the Central Region had been collected in a place called the Runic Tower. Most runic experts would come here for further cultivation. Felix from Cloud Hall had been sent to the Runic Tower for further cultivation for several years.

These three runic experts were the rulers of the Runic Tower. In the runic world of the Central Region, their thoughts and ideas regarding runes were at the peak.

Hearing Xiao's words, the three runic experts nodded and split up. They walked to the side of the arena and dug up the stone bricks. Under these bricks, there were many green colored stone tablets, and many complicated runes were drawn on these stone tablets.

However, at this moment, many of the runes on the stone tablets had been so badly burned that it looked as if they had been thrown into a big fire.

"The power burden was too great for these runes to withstand," a runic expert said.

Another runic expert frowned and said, "These six enchanted barriers would support each other. How much power would it take to burn these runes? Can someone at the Internal Elixir Realm do this?"

"Unbelievable! A cultivator at the Internal Elixir Realm did not cause this damage," another runic expert said as he shook his head.

Many cultivators in Oracle City would watch the Martial Arts Contest through Picture Slabs. And so they knew how the enchanted barriers had been damaged. Although the three runic experts were cultivators at the Internal Elixir Realm, they had been obsessed with rune research their entire lives, and rarely paid atte

e's words. He couldn't think of any way to refute him. As the owner of the Runic Tower, Nate was known as the top-most runic expert in the Central Region. No one could match him in the runic field.

At this moment, a voice came from the elevated platform, "Master Shi, I can repair these runes in two hours. How much will the World Commercial Alliance pay me?"

The one who spoke was none other than Zen. He stood at the edge of the elevated platform with a smile.

Dillon Shi glanced at Zen and slapped his forehead. He didn't remember Zen's abilities while arguing with those runic experts. Zen was also a runic expert, and he had mastered the amazing Perfect Brushwork. Xiao's eyes lit up. During the pre-qualifying match, Xiao had heard Michael mention Zen's amazing skills of rune drawing.

"You… Are you sure?" Dillon hesitated.

Zen had so many gifts, and that was why Dillon had forgotten about his talent in runes.

More importantly, Zen had mastered the Perfect Brushwork. It was a unique technique that could correctly activate the characteristics of the runic materials and increase the material utilization to the perfect state!

However, the runes were also graded. The runes that Michael had shown them were only one-star and two-star runes, so Dillon subconsciously felt that Zen could only draw one-star and two-star runes. As for the three-star, four-star, and even five-star runes, it would need years of practice to draw them. Zen was only about 18 years old. Dillon didn't think he could do that.

Before Zen could reply, Nate laughed disapprovingly. "I've heard people bragging before, but I've never heard of them boasting like this!"

"Haw-haw! What's going on with young people these days? You are talking pure nonsense!" another runic expert taunted.

"Sometimes you have to pay a price for speaking carelessly," said the third runic expert in a serious manner.

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