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   Chapter 735 Warmth (Part Two)

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How could the soul of this guy withstand the powerful suppression? This was impossible! Eddie assumed that Zen had a magic treasure that could reinforce his soul or something else that enabled him to be immune to such kind of damage!

He cast a meaningful look at Zen and hid his killing aura deep inside. He turned around and walked toward his son.

Eden's hair was disheveled, and his eyes were dull. He looked dejected as if he had aged ten years in an instant. He had lost all his glow and looked pale, like a dead person.

Eddie grabbed Eden's hand and reached out with his other hand for the saber. The Nameless Saber swirled back into his hand. In a flash, he returned to the high platform where he had been seated earlier.

The three fat masters from the World Commercial Alliance exchanged glances. Shock registered on Dillon's chubby face. He was transfixed like a frozen statue.

Zen had withstood Eddie's suppression! He wondered how powerful Zen's soul was.

Of course, they didn't know that Zen's soul had already entered the Fighting Soul Realm!

Even the owl-beast's evil spirit had been unable to destroy Zen's soul. How could Eddie possibly hurt Zen's soul?

From a certain perspective, so far, Zen's soul, which had entered the Fighting Soul Realm was the most powerful weapon in his arsenal.

To most warriors, what happened between Zen and Eddie was only a small clash that lasted less than a minute. However, the situation had been the most dangerous one. Many warriors in the audience failed to see that, but a few cultivators were able to sense the tension.

However, even though they knew something was happening between the two, the warriors cou

er all, the World Commercial Alliance had arranged these runes many years ago and they had put many efforts into building them! If they wanted to repair these runes, they would need to send for the runic experts who had made them.

When the warriors in the grandstand heard the news that the competition would be suspended, they were annoyed and began to curse.

"Damn! It cost me a supreme life vitality crystal to get in here. Why the hell would you suddenly suspend the battle?"

"Is this what the World Commercial Alliance is like? What a good reputation! My good mood is spoiled!"

"Isn't it just an enchanted barrier? Why should you bother? Hurry up, go on fighting!"

These warriors didn't care about the enchantment barrier being broken. They only wanted to watch the fierce battle and bet on the game!

In fact, the World Commercial Alliance suspended the competition for the safety of the warriors in the grandstand. In a fight between Internal Elixir Realm masters, without the protection of the enchanted barrier, those warriors outside the arena would be easily hurt by the aftermath of the strikes.

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