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   Chapter 734 Warmth (Part One)

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Eddie brought his disciples to compete in the Martial Arts Contest, and it would be improper for him to kill a young warrior at the Illuminating Soul Realm during the competition.

All the people in the world would laugh at him. Despite being a dignified top-ranked warrior in the Central Region, he could not afford to lose—that was what people were going to say about him if he killed Zen.

Furthermore, the three fat men from the World Commercial Alliance would not allow such a thing to happen. Moreover, there was an older woman, a powerful master who stood behind Cloud Hall. And she might be watching the scene from somewhere now.

The World Commercial Alliance also had an Ancient Tycoon, who had lived for over a thousand years. Although he was very old, his power was too deep to be fathomable. If it were a one-on-one fight, Eddie would not be afraid of any of them. But if these men came together to fight him, as powerful as Eddie was, he would not be able to battle them all.

After careful consideration, Eddie restrained his impulse to rip Zen to shreds, and opted for another way to vent his anger. He decided to utilize the force of his powerful soul to suppress Zen.

If Letitia were to stand in front of Zen to protect him, Eddie would have trouble carrying out his plan, as he might have to hurt the leader of Cloud Hall first. But he didn't expect that Zen would step forward and pull Letitia aside.

"Since you want to be a hero and court death, then no one can help you!" Eddie was pleased in his heart, but he appeared calm. Considering the powerful force of his soul, if he wanted to crush the soul of a warrior at the Illuminating Soul Realm, it would be as easy as a wheel crushing a mantis.

The moment his powe

ge, with her family members. As she listened to the horse's hooves galloping down the road, the north wind blew past her like a knife scraping against her face, and she was then tucked away in the warm quilt, feeling lucky that she didn't have to suffer from the cold or hunger.

The moment Zen pulled her into his arms, Letitia felt that she had returned to that time when she was wrapped in the quilt. This young man used his body, though not an imposing feature, to shoulder everything himself and keep all the danger from her. It made her feel very warm. It was the little warmth that belonged only to her.

The wind quietly dissipated, and the pressure gradually disappeared. Zen had worn a smile throughout. He had confidently glared at the Evil East Lord, who stood not far away.

Eddie's eyes were filled with doubt. Soon, the doubt became surprise, and finally, his eyes dimmed as helplessness flooded him. Different feelings struck him within a short moment. He had already released the power of the suppression to perform at its maximum level. In a certain sense, it was equivalent to launching an attack toward Zen's soul, but in a disguised form.

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