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   Chapter 733 I Don't Like Being Protected By Women

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All humans had a soft spot.

Zen's weakness was his younger sister, whom he tried to protect even at the cost of his life.

Zen's dream was to reach the peak of martial arts to explore the secrets of this world. His warrior spirit was so firm that no one could affect it adversely.

However, Eden was different.

His experience differed significantly from Zen's experience. Zen had lived a tough life and been mistreated. He persisted in his pursuit of martial arts for it was the only way to change his life.

Eden's father was Eddie, who ranked first in the Central Region. As his only child, Eden was blessed with great talent, insights, and resources.

Even Brent hadn't gotten as many resources as Eden did. Eddie had piled all his resources onto Eden, while Brent had access to limited resources. Ethereal Spirit Sect also had to provide resources to its other talented disciples other than Brent.

It was safe to say that Eden would surely become the master of a sixth-grade sacred place or a divine kingdom in the near future with regard to his talent and the resources his father had provided him with.

That was why Eden, a cultivator at the Internal Elixir Realm, had the guts to propose to Letitia!

He was confident that he would be among the top martial artists.

Having grown up in that environment, Eden had developed a strong level of self-confidence. In his eyes, the elites of the younger generation in the Central Region were nothing but losers. He looked down on them.

He was not afraid of any challenges. Since he was always confident, Eden had no trouble achieving great things in the martial arts field. Besides, no one among the young-generation cultivators in the Central Region could defeat him. If it weren't for Zen, he would be the strongest cultivator in the near future.

However, people like him had a fatal weakness—defeat or failure would come as a big blow.

He was an excellent cultivator. The harder Eden cultivated, the more outstanding he became. But all his hard work was on the premise that he was superior to others. However, once a fellow appeared and defeated Eden, he would feel frustrated and doubt his capabilities and whether his efforts were in vain.

Zen was that guy.

In terms of laws, Zen had surpassed Eden. As for treasures, Zen had two sacred weapons, which were better than Eden's weapons. Compared to his cultivation base, Zen was at a lower level than Eden, and this was an insult to him. However, Z

a cultivator at the Internal Elixir Realm, he can't withstand the power Eddie has activated. After all, the latter is stronger than the cultivators of the Virtual Tribulation Realm.' At this thought, Letitia became extremely worried about Zen's safety. "Be careful!" she reminded him.

The pressure Eddie had activated was amazingly powerful. If a senior cultivator of the Virtual Tribulation Realm were in Zen's place, his soul would get damaged, while a cultivator at the Internal Elixir Realm would be killed.

The three fat men looked at each other and furrowed their eyebrows. 'Eddie didn't display a skill, but he is using his momentum to suppress Zen. The lad is in a lot of trouble now. Perhaps he will lose his life, ' they brooded.

"Is he pretending to be a hero? He even stands in front of Letitia! Does he really think that he is more powerful than a cultivator at the Virtual Tribulation Realm?" one man quizzed.

"You're upset because he is holding Letitia's hand, aren't you?" another responded with a grin.

"Although he has exceptional talent, Zen is going to die. His soul will be crushed, and then he will live like the walking dead. He can't survive for three days without his soul."

Many of the cultivators present had no idea what Zen was thinking. 'If he hid behind Letitia, he would only get injured. He is lucky to be such an awesome genius. As long as he is alive, everything is possible. He could have improved his strength and taken his revenge one day, ' the crowd thought.

Most of the cultivators knew how to endure, and they guessed that Zen knew it as well. That was why they were confused by his decision.

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