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   Chapter 732 Destroying Eden's Dedication to Martial Arts

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The World Commercial Alliance had hosted the Martial Arts Contest once every decade for hundreds of years. At that rate, it had organized the contest several dozen times.

After arranging so many contests, it had accumulated much experience.

For example, it had settled the problem of the enchanted barrier in the arena.

Seventy years ago, at a contest, two martial artists fought each other in the finals. They burned their blood essence to unleash their strongest power, ultimately breaking the enchanted barrier and affecting the audience in the stands. Over a thousand martial artists were injured, and hundreds died.

The alliance drew a lesson from the bitter experience and paid more attention to the facilities during the contest.

The arena used the most reliable material. A type of extremely strong ironwood heart was woven into silk. The hardest basalt was ground into powder and then mixed with the ironwood heart to make bricks. These bricks were paved one by one and covered by a layer of steel plate. The plate was not an ordinary object. It was also forged by a weapon refiner and contained heavenly essence. In a sense, it could be treated as a mysterious weapon.

The light curtain of the enchanted barrier was even more carefully designed. The top runic experts in the Central Region drew over 400 runes to form six enchanted barriers. These six enchanted barriers were only a finger-width distance from each other. With the power of the runes, a dispersive effect was created within these gaps to combine the six enchanted barriers.

This was the protection effort of the World Commercial Alliance!

In the following seventy years, the light curtain of the enchanted barrier had never been broken.

Even earlier, when Zen's sword spirit, Lily, had slammed the Netherworld Yaksha on the barrier with her sword, causing the barrier to show signs of instability, Xiao's expression did not change at all. Even if one barrier was broken, there were still five barriers behind it!

However, this thought only lasted for less than thirty seconds. After Zen and Lily switched positions, with a punch, the enchanted barrier shattered.

The moment the enchanted barrier broke, several explosions were heard in the surrounding area. Smoke and dust floated into the air. The runes that were hidden underneath the ground around the arena couldn't withstand the pressure. At this time, they exploded as well.

How powerful was Zen's body?

It was not challenging for any of the elders at the Virtual Tribulation Realm to break the barrier.

However, Hobbes, who was famous for his explosive power, could not shatter the barrier with the strength of his physical body. It was even more impossible for Letitia, Lady Poison-blood, and Raven. Eddie, however, might have been capable of breaking the barrier.

In comparison, Zen was only at the Illuminating Soul Realm. Moreover, he did not direct his power at the barrier, but at the Yaksha's body. The force Zen used rippled through the Yaksha's body before striking the barrier.

Although the impact would have reduced upon hitting the Yaksha, it was still strong enough to destroy the barrier.

Could it be said that Zen had in

uation, so he resorted to dangerous moves, but he was still unable to get rid of Lily.

"You are at the primary level of the Internal Elixir Realm, but I am only at the Illuminating Soul Realm. Still, I can defeat you so easily. Are you sure that you have divine-level talent, not earth level? In my opinion, your talent doesn't deserve to be ranked." Zen did not physically attack Eden. Instead, he provoked Eden with his words.

In the Martial Arts Contest, Zen intended to kill only one person, and that was Marilyn.

Now, if Zen used his full strength, for example, if he were to unleash the Malicious Wheel of Life and Death, he would be able to kill Eden. However, Eden wasn't his target. If he killed Eden, it was likely that his plan would be ruined!

However, although Zen didn't want to kill Eden, that didn't mean he would be merciful. The son of his enemy was also his enemy. Moreover, Eden had wanted to kill Zen. Now, Zen was trying to destroy Eden's dedication to martial arts.

"Judging from your appearance, you should be at least thirty, right? You have only reached the primary level of the Internal Elixir Realm at the age of thirty. What's worse, you are unable to defeat an Illuminating Soul Realm cultivator..."

Under pressure by Zen's constant taunting, Eden suddenly shouted and rushed toward Zen, ignoring Lily's sword dance.


How could Lily give Eden the chance to hurt Zen? The greatsword struck Eden's body, and Eden rolled across the arena toward Zen, his hair in disarray, and the Nameless Saber in his hand falling to the side.

"A guy like you wants to propose to Tia? Do you think you're qualified?" Zen smiled as he glared at Eden.


The veins on Eddie's forehead popped out as he abruptly stood and shouted. As a top expert of the Central Region, he knew what Zen was trying to do! Zen wanted to destroy Eden's dedication to martial arts!

Zen gazed at Eddie, sighed, and said, "Too late!"

At this moment, Eden, who was lying on the ground, felt a cracking sound coming from his heart. Although he didn't suffer too much, he suddenly felt an ache in his heart.

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