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   Chapter 730 Netherworld Yaksha

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Even though Eden was a divine-level talent, he had only managed to comprehend two types of Law Power. What was more, he had grasped about 80% of each Law.

But Zen had mastered three types of Law Power. What was more shocking was that he had fully comprehended all three Law Powers!

Cultivators had their own merits and shortcomings. For instance, some were good at Wind Law, although they were terrible at Fire Law. In common cases, a martial artist would only be able to comprehend one type of Law Power.

In the Central Region, no more than twenty geniuses had managed to learn two Law Powers.

That was why the cultivators in the audience were so astonished when Eden displayed knowledge of two types of Law Power. They all marveled at his remarkable talent for he could practice Wind Law and Metal Law simultaneously.

But to their surprise, Zen had also mastered the two Law Powers he had displayed— Wind Law and Metal Law.

In the beginning, Zen had used Fire Law, which allowed the crowd to think that he mainly practiced refinement technique of the fire attribute. But now, it turned out that he had learned another two Law Powers, and all the cultivators present found this hard to believe.

"Perhaps he had a great harvest at the Dragon Soar Arena," Dillon guessed, observing the Law Power Zen had released.

"I agree with you. I figured this kid must have been lucky enough to find the complete Law Power in the Dragon Soar Arena. After all, there is no complete Law Power in the Central Region. But it is not an easy task to head for the Upper World and comprehend three types of Law Power. This brat possesses outstanding talent," Haber Mo who had been silent all this time responded flatly.

From the three leaders, Dillon was shrewd and sophisticated, while Hobbes was short tempered. Haber was taciturn. But now, Haber, who was known as, The Silent Man, voiced his opinion. It was said that he could stay silent for as long as ten months.

After Haber finished his sentence, the three looked toward the Dragon Soar Arena that stood not far from them. They all were curious about Zen's experience in the Dragon Soar Arena.

The cyan dragon took credit for Zen's trip to the Upper World. And he could master nine laws thanks to the baptism by laws, which made Zen fit for all kinds of law refinement.

Without receiving the baptism by laws, the divine-level talents in the Central Region could only learn two or three rules. That was why the Dragon Abyss Palace valued Zen so much!

Staring at Zen, Xiao gently shook his head and puzzlement reflected in his eyes. "This kid possesses knowledge of f

would be boring. He believed that Brent of Ethereal Spirit Sect would be his only worthy opponent as Brent was also a divine-level talent like him. But now, he met Zen. He had become excited and more serious about this fight.

"I'm ashamed of myself because I'm going to fight you more seriously. But I admit that you're strong."

With a smile, Eden swept his finger across the edge of his Nameless Saber.

The blade of the saber was immediately stained with blood.

On the high platform, Eddie, who was sitting on the chair, suddenly stood up and shouted, "Eden!"

Eden gave his father a small smile and responded, "Father, I know what I'm doing."

Eddie furrowed his brows and slowly sat back in his seat. He didn't think his son had to activate the power of Nameless Saber to deal with Zen, who was not a formidable opponent for Eden.

However, Eden thought differently. He meant to go all out to make sure that he could end Zen's life.


When Eden's blood flowed into the patterns along the edge, his saber gave off a strong killing aura.

The blood ran through the Nameless Saber.

After the blood circulated the saber, it dripped onto the ground. But the strange thing was, it didn't seep into the cracks in the field.

The drops of blood crawled on the ground as if they were living creatures, and they eventually flew together and formed a rune.

Before long, a hand emerged from the rune, followed by shoulders, head, upper body, and legs.

A monster of blood had been conjured in front of everyone. With a hunch, it had two horns on its head and a tail that looked as sharp as a saber on its back. It stood still, emitting an infinite evil air.

"It is Netherworld Yaksha. It lives in the river in hell!"

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