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   Chapter 729 Copying Him

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When they heard Zen challenge Eden, the cultivators in the grandstand were stupefied.

Zen's performance had been amazing in his first two battles.

Body refining technique, Fire Law...he had stunned all with his extraordinary skills.

It was difficult to believe that a guy at the fourth level of the Illuminating Soul Realm could possess such powerful abilities.

However, it had happened. Zen had not only defeated Alex from the Gongsun Clan, but he had also beaten Brody from Bloodwood Cliff. He won every battle in which he had fought, and so, the spectators were convinced that it was not luck that had helped him to win. Zen had proved to all that his strength was enough for him to challenge cultivators at the Internal Elixir Realm.

Whether they were willing to admit it or not, that was the truth.

"I acknowledge that Zen is amazing. He's challenging a cultivator at the Internal Elixir level although he is at the Illuminating Soul Realm. I don't know how many years it has been since such thing last happened. Regardless, he is bold to challenge Eden."

"He's courting death. But he's dead or not, that's not our concern."

"Eden didn't display his real strength in the battle just now, but he still crushed Benson from Cloud Hall! But Zen? He's probably a joke to Eden."

The eyes of many disciples from Cloud Hall lit up when they heard Zen's challenge.

Benson was the strongest among the Internal Elixir Realm disciples of Cloud Hall. He was at par with Blake. But not long after he entered into battle, he was severely injured by Eden. Had Benson not admitted defeat, Eden would have killed him! All the Cloud Hall disciples felt angry about this.

However, there was no use in getting angry, as only the strong survived in the martial arts world. The weak cultivators would only be stomped on by the strong ones.

Benson took a pill, which was used for treating injuries. When he heard Zen issue a challenge to Eden, a hint of worry flickered in his eyes.

Could Zen be Eden's match and defeat him?

Letitia glanced at Zen, who stood beside her, and asked after a little hesitation, "You…. are you confident that you will defeat him?"

Zen turned to look at Letitia. He said with a confident smile, "Why shouldn't I be?"

Seeing his smile, Letitia felt warmth flood her heart. Her heart suddenly beat faster. Zen looked all the more attractive with confidence glowing on his face.

Even when facing an opponent as strong as Eden, Zen didn't have the slightest trace of fear.

After Zen left the high platform, Letitia said blandly, "Maybe you can kill Marilyn. If Eddie makes a move, I will do my best to help you."

In the grandstand, Lewis' mouth was wide open as he stared at Zen who had just stepped into the arena. After a long w

f laws when he is at the Internal Elixir Realm. He must be a freak! It's unimaginable."

"Is this the fusion of laws? This is the first time I've seen someone using two types of laws simultaneously! Even if Zen has mastered Fire Law completely, I'm afraid he still wouldn't be able to block Eden's attack!"

Zen smiled faintly when he heard the chatter among the disciples. Wind began rising from his side as well.

At the same time, beams of golden light swirled around him. Each time a wind blade was formed, it would merge with a golden light.

After a while, golden wind blades started dancing around Zen. Zen's wind blades looked fuller and more energetic than Eden's wind blades. And the golden light emitted from Zen's wind blades was brighter than Eden's silver lights! Zen said to the cyan dragon in his mind, "It is just as you said. I can do it too. This is not an infusion of laws. It is simply embedding two powers into each other. However, the power combined seems to be a lot stronger."

Most of the cultivators present had no idea what was happening.

"Doesn't Zen practice cultivation methods with fire attribute?"

"Can anyone explain what is happening? Why does Zen's method look so similar to Eden's wind blades? Is he copying him?"

"Although I don't really believe it either... let me tell you, what's floating on Zen's body is the complete power of the Wind Law and the full power of the Metal Law!"

The vast majority of cultivators fell silent when they heard this.

The complete Fire Law, the complete Wind Law, and the complete Metal Law…

How did Zen do it?

"Can anyone tell me how he managed to comprehend so much Law Power? And each of the laws is intact!" Just when everyone was silent, a loud shout came out from the crowd. The voice pierced through the air and reverberated in all cultivators' ears.

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