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   Chapter 728 Do I Look Weak

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Eden had already comprehended 80% of Wind Law, and he practiced a wind-system cultivation method. Moreover, he had also grasped another type of Law. In other words, he had cultivated two different laws at the same time.

However, Eden was not interested in showing off his achievements in laws. He only had one goal at the moment, and that was to vent.

Seeing Eden charge at him like a wild beast, Benson's expression changed. The longsword in his hand lightly tapped the ground before he lifted his wrist.

"Water Tornado!"

"Huff, huff …"

A water dragon came out from the battle stage and pounced toward Eden.

The water tornado was moving at breakneck speed. Even a city wall would be destroyed by it in an instant. Yet, Eden did not stop, and he did not intend to dodge it. He actually rushed toward the water tornado.

The moment Eden and the water tornado collided, his hands intersected and he began to attack the water tornado.

The water dragon, which contained a great impact force, was simply unable to withstand a single blow from Eden. Eden, who was under the impact of the water dragon, rushed straight toward Benson.


Eden lunged at Benson.

At this moment, Benson stomped his foot, and a water vein spread out. The instant the water vein spread out, it pushed Eden back a little. Eden missed his target. Nevertheless, he ignored Benson's trick and once again tried to grab him.

This time, Benson rolled on the ground and avoided Eden.

After getting up, Benson laid his sword horizontally, one hand holding the sword while the other gripped the sword hilt. He closed his eyes and muttered, "Bestow the power of the Sea God upon me; Infuse the will of pure water in me."

"There's no chance." Eden's expression was calm. With a gentle breeze, his figure had already floated in front of Benson. He extended his hand and grabbed again. "Die!"

He hadn't taken Benson seriously. Right now, he only wanted to kill Benson to unload the anger he felt in his heart.

However, Benson was one of the Cloud Hall's top disciples and was not as weak as Eden thought.

When Eden reached out his hand, Benson wielded his longsword!

Even though Eden was much stronger than Benson, he was not Zen. He didn't have Zen's abnormal physique. Eden would not be able to catch Benson's sword with his bare hands.

He could only retreat.

However, Eden's retreat did not mean that he had given up. After dodging Benson's sword, a mighty force wrapped around Eden, and his figure disappeared into the wind.

"Wind Barrier!"

Only by reaching a certain level o

ie and Eden were able to unleash their greatest strength.

Eddie shook his head and said, "The anger that I'm talking about can become your motivation. But you let it control your mind. It will not benefit you. You have to know how to be angry and how to use your anger."

"Father is right," Eden nodded.

He had already decided. It didn't matter if his level was much higher than Zen's. As long as he drew the first challenge card, he would challenge Zen.

Unexpectedly, just as Xiao was preparing for the next battle, Zen shouted, "Wait!"

Letitia looked at Zen in confusion. Although he had returned to Cloud Hall's platform, he seemed preoccupied.

Xiao asked, "What's the matter?"

"I want to use my challenge card." Zen shouted.

"Who do you want to challenge?" Xiao and Letitia asked simultaneously.

Everyone's eyes were focused on Zen. He was the first person to use a challenge card in the Martial Arts Contest. No one knew who Zen wanted to challenge.

'Could it be Marilyn?' Letitia frowned as she thought about it.

Brent's eyes were full of expectation. "Choose me. Let it be me!" He had been waiting for his turn for so long. It was already very depressing.

"I want to challenge an independent warrior, Eden Cui!" Zen took out his challenge card and pointed to the platform where Evil East Lord was standing.

"Challenge me?" Eden was stunned for a moment. He had just been thinking of getting the challenge card and getting rid of Zen! Who would've thought that Zen would challenge him before these thoughts even left his mind?

'Do I look weak? Why does he dare to challenge me?' Eden wondered.

Although Eden was very willing to let Zen challenge him, he was annoyed by that thought.

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