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   Chapter 727 Zen's Purpose

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Treasures like the Heavenly Feather Crown bestowed cultivators with special powers.

For example, it could amplify the Law Power of some Laws. Similarly, wearing the crown would raise one's cultivation speed.

Another example would be the Time Copper Coin owned by the World Commercial Alliance. It contained a trace of Time Law. If a person wore it for cultivation, he could gain an additional six hours per day.

One should not underestimate these six hours. A cultivator's lifespan was very long. These six hours when accumulated over several decades and several centuries could increase a cultivator's lifespan significantly. The Ancient Tycoon of the World Commercial Alliance was able to live such a long life because of this Time Copper Coin.

However, these effects were not as direct as a weapon's or protective equipment's.

Protective equipment determined the cultivator's life, while weapons determined his opponent's.

However, owning weapons was not enough. After all, if a cultivator lost his life, then what was the use of collecting sacred weapons?

Protective garment of the sacred level, on the other hand, could block the enemy's attack effectively. It could even save the cultivator's life.

"What the hell is going on with Zen? He seems to have endless secrets!" Amongst the three leaders, Hobbes was the most impatient.

Dillon smiled helplessly. "Cloud Hall is lucky to have someone like him. Looks like it's already certain that Cloud Hall will become a fifth-grade sect."

In the past few years, Cloud Hall had been working hard to become a fifth-grade sect, and it had almost completely accumulated sufficient strength. As long as Letitia mastered Sutra of Empyrean Goddess, the chances of her breaking through the Virtual Tribulation Realm would be very high. After she broke through, Cloud Hall's status as a fifth-grade sect would be a certainty. What was more, Cloud Hall would be on a par with Ethereal Spirit Sect.

However, now Cloud Hall had found a talent in Zen, who had mastered the Perfect Brushwork. He would become the most powerful runic expert in the Central Region in the future.

Just being a runic expert was insufficient. After all, a runic expert was not a martial artist. Although a runic expert could significantly boost Cloud Hall's reputation, it would not help them rise to the level of a fifth-grade sect.

However, Zen was different from ordinary runic experts. After all, he had grasped the first layer of Fire Law entirely.

Furthermore, he was also a body refiner, and it was rare to see a body that was as strong as his.

Now, just to embarrass Eden, he had casually taken out a sacred weapon-level protective garment.

The three leaders were already confused. Many thoughts raced through their minds

all, she was unable to see through Zen.

Cloud Hall's Benson had long since considered Eden to be a pain in the ass. Seeing Eden standing on the stage, he also jumped off the platform!

Just as Benson stood on the stage, a strange scene appeared. Ripples began to spread out from under his feet! It was as if the entire fighting arena were filled with water!

"It's the Water Law Power! Benson mainly cultivates the water-system cultivation method! He seems to have comprehended 60% of Water Law!"

"This Martial Arts Contest is truly worth being present for. A vast majority of martial artists have comprehended Law Power!"

"What about Eden? What cultivation method does he use?"

Eden's expression was calm as he stared at Benson indifferently. His thoughts were not on Benson at all.

In his eyes, Benson's strength was not worthy of his attention. In this Martial Arts Contest, the only person that could threaten him was the Ethereal Spirit Sect's Brent. As for the others, they were just a joke.


Benson drew his light blue sword and pointed it straight at Eden. "Eden, unsheathe your sword!"

Although Zen had helped Cloud Hall save its reputation just now, Eden had shamelessly claimed that he wanted Letitia to be his woman. This was intolerable, and in the hearts of the disciples of Cloud Hall, such a declaration was unforgivable.

Eden sized up Benson's sword, as if it did not exist.

However, one moment his expression was as calm as still water, while in the next, a ruthless aura gushed toward his relatively handsome face.

He was already extremely dissatisfied, and Benson had dared to provoke him.

An invisible aura suddenly burst forth from his body. The moment the aura enveloped him, several wind blades danced on Eden's fingers. Then, like a lion on the prairie, he suddenly lunged at Benson!

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