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   Chapter 726 Not Pretty

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Eden didn't get angry at Letitia's sarcastic remarks. Instead, he continued to smile and said, "Is Lady Letitia referring to the differences between our realms and cultivation? If you really think so, I have to admit I don't meet the requirements at the moment. But, I do have a divine level talent. So, it's just a matter of time before I step into the Virtual Tribulation Realm. With luck, I'll be able to make a breakthrough in the Virtual Tribulation Realm and become even stronger."

"Divine-level talent!"

"Is he bragging? When did divine-level talent appear in the Central Region?"

"According to historical records, up until now, divine-level talent hasn't been seen in the Central Region. Only six warriors, possessing divine-level talent, have appeared in the four divine kingdoms, and each of them established a divine kingdom of their own later!"

"I can't imagine such a person really exists. A powerful father plus he has divine-level talent, he truly is amazing!"

Hearing the warriors discuss about him, the corners of Eden's mouth curved slightly upward in a proud grin.

Listening to what was being said, Brent from the Ethereal Spirit Sect turned to Philip, who was next to him, and hurriedly said, "Philip, he says that he has divine-level talent, too! But, didn't you tell me that divine-level talent is very rare…"

Philip sighed and rolled his eyes but kept quiet. Brent was really troublesome.

In fact, Philip agreed, inwardly. He found it strange that there were such a large number of people possessing outstanding qualities coming from the Central Region in recent years. It was as though the disciples' strengths in the various sects had reached new heights overnight! In the past, it was a rarity for a top disciple from a great sect to understand even a trace of the Law Power while he was in the Internal Elixir Realm. But, over the last decade, there were more and more refiners at the Internal Elixir Realm emerging who had mastered the Law Power.

It was as if geniuses sprang up everywhere suddenly.

At one time, a warrior possessing heaven-level talent was a highly valued member of the sect. Warriors with saint-level talent were even rarer, and every few decades, one would appear. But now, no less than ten warriors possessed the saint-level talent at the Ethereal Spirit Sect, and there was even one with divine-level talent.

What was happening in the Central Region? How was it possible for it to suddenly become so remarkable that so many outstanding talents were springing up?

"The divine-level talent?"

The group of disciples from Cloud Hall thought Eden was overly arrogant, and especially Benson, and he hoped that he'd have the chance to knock this brat down a peg or two with his fist soon, in the arena.

However, after discovering that Eden was a divine-level talent, Benson felt a bit powerless.

As a warrior with heaven-level talent, Benson was already a top elite of Cloud Hall. If wh

Commercial Alliance's Time Copper Coin, and Eddie's Nameless Saber. It will become our most valuable treasure in the Central Region!"

"Wow, Zen is quite bold. He's made a mockery of Eden's Heavenly Feather Crown. Eden would probably be so anxious that he will want to dig a hole in the ground and vanish into it! And Zen promised to find another beautiful one… Is it so easy to find sacred weapons?"

"Zen's so generous! He actually got a sacred weapon and gave it to someone else randomly."

"What's the relationship between Letitia and Zen? He's clearly a disciple of Cloud Hall, but he didn't follow Letitia's orders, and he even called her Tia! What's going on between the two of them?"

As the crowd continued to discuss the garment, Zen and Letitia, Eden's face darkened.

This guy, he was only at the fourth level in the Illuminating Soul Realm, and here he pulled out a sacred weapon, a body protection garment and just casually gave it away!

Although the Heavenly Feather Crown was a sacred weapon as well, it was a crown which was only an accessory after all, when compared to the far more precious body protection garment.

The biggest issue Eden had was who fashioned the body protection garment? Why was it so ugly?

It would never cross his mind that the sacred weapon was a uniform for common officers and warriors at the Dragon Abyss Palace. Almost everyone there had a suit like that one. The body protection garment was designed with maximize function in mind, and style was less important.

The three fat leaders of the World Commercial Alliance exchanged a glance with each other, and their eyes were filled with disbelief.

Actually, the World Commercial Alliance didn't have only the one sacred weapon known to the public knew as the Time Copper Coin.

However, the other two sacred weapons that the World Commercial Alliance never disclosed to the public couldn't hold a candle to the body protection garment that Zen gave Letitia.

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