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   Chapter 725 The Proposal

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Eden nonchalantly pushed the fragments of Arctic Mysterious Ice away, before he lifted the glimmering item, holding it up to admire. Smiling slightly, he said, "I want to give this to the head of Cloud Hall as a gift!"

He proudly gazed down at the sparkling small golden crown he held. There were three breathtaking crystals embedded into the delicate circlet. They were brilliant white crystals that, instead of radiating and bouncing off the many facets, they captured the light and reflected a softened, faint silvery shimmer. On the crown's side, three feathers were secured.

If this small golden crown were made of ordinary gold and gems, it wouldn't be worth anything in the eyes of a martial artist. After all, it didn't take many life vitality crystals to buy a great deal of gold or gemstones. Even a minuscule piece of Arctic Mysterious Ice was worth more than ten times an ornate crown made of traditional gold and gems.

However, Eden had sealed the golden crown in the Arctic Mysterious Ice, so, its value could only match or exceed the ice.

Most of the warriors didn't recognize it and were confused.

However, with so many people present, there was bound to be someone with the knowledge and experience to recognize it. Suddenly, someone shouted, "Wow! That's the Heavenly Feather Crown of the Northern Serenity Palace!"

"The Northern Serenity Palace? The one that once was situated in the Arctic Lands? The one that has been destroyed long time ago?"

"Hey! That's right! I remember it now. I saw a picture of the Heavenly Feather Crown. You know, it's a sacred weapon!"

"Before she fell, the Holy Maiden of the Northern Serenity Palace was armed to the hilt with sacred weapons. When she went to war against the four divine kingdoms, her forces were crushed and left wounded. Her sacred weapons were divided among four divine kingdoms. In the chaos, the Heavenly Feather Crown disappeared. People from the four Kingdoms searched all of the Northern Serenity Palace, yet no one found it. Wow! It's amazing that Eden found it! This is astounding!"

Mysterious, spiritual, fairy, and sacred weapons...

Fairy weapons could be found throughout the Central Region, easily. Every sect head had a high-grade fairy weapon, but sacred weapons were rare.

Currently, only three sacred weapons were known to be in the Central Region. One was the Soul Flag, which was held by the Ethereal Spirit Sect, the World Commercial Alliance had the Time Copper Coin, and Eddie possessed the Nameless Saber.

These sacred weapons were confirmed. It was unknown if any others were in the region, where they were, or who had them.

A sacred weapon was so powerful and special that it often affected the rise and fall of a sect.

Martial artists believed the birth of a sacred weapon heralded a period of great luck because it contained a blessing. Even if it weren't used, and instead housed in a place of honor at the sect, it would bring the sect good luck!

For example, the Soul Flag was at the Ethereal Spirit sect, and since they got

red the several hundred thousand warriors in the stands.

"Just because your father is Evil East Lord doesn't mean all the women in the world belong to you. You are too shameless!"

"He is daydreaming. Letitia won't say yes just because of a sacred weapon!"

"His plan is not bad. He gets Letitia and also Cloud Hall at the cost of a sacred weapon. This is a good deal!"

Although the strength of these martial artists was very weak, they had their own judgments. Eden was too shameless. For a time, all sorts of nasty words came out from the stands.

Some of the words were indeed very unpleasant to listen to. Eden turned his head and coldly said, "What nonsense are you guys spouting? Do you want to die?"

"We were talking about you. So what? You are shameless!"

"Is there anyone else in the world who knows how to do business better than you? Do you think others are idiots?"

"Your father's dominance is justified, because your father has the strength to do so. Without your father, who the hell would know you!"

Although Evil East Lord was there, all the warriors were certain that Eden did not dare to fight here. After all, this was the Martial Arts Contest. They didn't think Eden and Eddie dared to kill hundreds of thousands of warriors. The World Commercial Alliance would not sit there and do nothing. Everyone was talking at once, and they were not afraid of Eden's threats at all.

Letitia's face broke into a gentle smile, and she looked towards Eddie. She then stared at Eden, her expression cold. "Did your father tell you to do this? Isn't it enough for you to take Yan away? What do you take our Cloud Hall for? And... Are you worthy of me?"

Previously, Eddie had asked for Yan. The Cloud Hall was unwilling to offend him, so even though they were reluctant, they still sent Yan over.

Because of this matter, there was a quarrel between Letitia and Zen. She regretted it a lot. She never thought that Eddie's son would actually come and propose to her. This was the biggest joke in the world.

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