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   Chapter 724 A Present (Part Three)

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There were tons of independent cultivators in the Central Region but most of them were not even qualified to be disciples of the first-grade or second-grade sects. To think these two were strong enough to come out on top was truly astounding.

That was the reason why they caught the crowd's attention. Despite lacking resources and backing, they had managed to refine up to the Internal Elixir Realm. The amount of effort they spent was great and it was fortunate that they were blessed with such good destiny.

The disciples coming from the third-grade sects were the weakest in the Martial Arts Contest. None of them could ever hope to hold up against the strong independent warriors and they stood no chance of defeating the elites of the fourth-grade sects.

After the thirty-second round, Mr. Xiao came up to make an announcement. "Benson Xuanyuan of the Cloud Hall will battle against Eden Cui, an independent warrior."

"Eden Cui! The son of the best cultivator in the Central Region! This is going to be interesting!" someone from the audience exclaimed.

"It is safe to say that Eden Cui and Brent Zong of the Ethereal Spirit Sect are the best cultivators in the contest. I bet one of them will become champion while the other will take second place!"

"I don't agree with you. Benson Xuanyuan is also an amazing cultivator. He comes from the Cloud Hall which ranks first among the fourth-grade sects. I think he can pose as a tough opponent."

"Eden Cui?" Zen murmured, looking up at Eddie who was among the audience. He watched as the young man beside Eddie stood and walked towards the battlefield. Zen narrowed his eyes as the young man took center stage. 'So he's Eddie's son?' he thought to himself.

Truth be told, Zen wasn't in any way interested in Eddie's son.

ng to receive such a cheap present." He reached out with his index finger and pointed at the Arctic Mysterious Ice, releasing a bit of life vitality.


Everyone's eyes widened as cracks began to appear on the surface of the Arctic Mysterious Ice and there were a few gasps of horror as the block started to chip and break right in front of them.

"W- What has he done?! He broke the Arctic Mysterious Ice!"

"What a pity! Although his father is the number one in the Central Region, he shouldn't have wasted such a treasure."

"I really wish he could've just given it to me. I would give him anything in exchange!"

A lot of the people present felt their hearts drop as they watched Eden destroy the rare and extremely valuable Arctic Mysterious Ice. Such a wonderful treasure had been destroyed so easily by a mere index finger, which was truly heartbreaking.

Eden, however, was oblivious to their remarks. It was only when the Arctic Mysterious Ice had been reduced to rubble did he sweep off the ice chunks to reveal a bright, glowing core. Since it was surrounded by ice debris, the crowd could not clearly see what it was. That glowing core, what could it be?

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