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   Chapter 723 A Present (Part Two)

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'Upper World…

Zen must've inherited the Fire Law there, ' Letitia surmised in her heart.

And her assumption was right. However, it wasn't just the Fire Law. What Letitia had never expected was that Zen had in fact mastered the nine Original Laws after his baptism by the laws.

Although Brody had almost lost his mind, he could sense that the flame over Zen's palm was powerful. Despite that, he had no time to hesitate. Since he had been planted with blood runes by Lady Poison-blood, he had no other choice but to take Zen out.

His face distorted in a white-hot rage as he shouted, "Go to hell!"

Brody rushed forward, a brown scimitar appearing in his hand. In a split second, scarlet, blood flames engulfed the entirety of the blade.

He advanced at an alarming speed. In a blink of an eye, he was already poised above Zen, ready to strike him down.

"Blood Flame Hacking!"

Blazing blood flames licked the scimitar's blade, adding more power to his attack. With the blood rune, Brody's moves were amplified to be tremendously overwhelming with each strike.

However, just as he swung down his blade, Zen was already gone, nimbly dodging his strike. Giving his opponent no time to react, Zen quickly directed his flame towards Brody, striking his chest with his palm hard.


Brody was sent back a few feet but was nonetheless standing. Finding his ground, he quickly swung his flaming scimitar at Zen's direction, aiming for the fire circle that surrounded him. As soon as his blood flame and Zen's fire collided, it started to devour each other.

Since Zen hadn't ever been exposed to any fire-system cultivation technique, he couldn't fully unleash the power of the flame he held in his hand.

But, compared to the cultivation method, the comprehension of Law Power was more important. The flame Brody had released looked amazingly powerful but soon, it became apparent that he was at a disadvantage.

he could now fight with her if he wanted to.

However, if he did that, Eddie might suspect his identity. It would be wiser to postpone his plans.

Reluctantly, Zen put the card aside and returned to the area for the independent warriors.

The contest continued on.

After several rounds, the difference between the independent warriors and sect disciples was evident in terms of real strength.

Most independent warriors were too weak to fight against the sect disciples.

Two of the independent warriors, however, captured the audience's attention with their excellent performance. One of them was Owen who was at the ultimate level of the Illuminating Soul Realm while the other was called Trevor Huangfu.

The two independent warriors were able to knock down two top talented disciples: one from the Mysterious Luna Hall and the other from the Black Mountain Sect.

The two of them did not belong to any sect.

Most of the cultivators that had passed the pre-qualifying match came from third-grade sects, but Owen and Trevor were different. They were not given any guidance or wisdom from their masters, nor did they learn any kind of secret refinement method from some sect. Both had entered the Martial Arts Contest armed only with their luck and real strength.

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