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   Chapter 722 A Present (Part One)

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The soul-killing poisoned blood was one of Bloodwood Cliff's secret methods. It was a frighteningly powerful skill that could push a cultivator's potential to the extreme, however, it had one crucial side-effect that it could cause the user great harm.

Unless one's life was an inch from death, the soul-killing poisoned blood skill was not something a sane person would ever think of using.

However, it was a risk Brody had to take. Taking Zen down was a task given to him by his leader, and failure was not an option. He only hoped that his leader would give him a reward that would help him reach a higher refining level.

After being planted the blood symbol, Brody's eyes burned with a blood thirst as he stared up at Zen. When the curtain of light flickered and disappeared, hot, scarlet flames burst forth from his hand.

"I have gained understanding and comprehension of one-third of the Fire Law. If you've got any brains, you know it would be better for you to just stand still as I burn you to ashes with my blood flames…" As soon as he finished talking, the blood flame in his hand soared menacingly, eager to kill, eager to burn.

"Fire Law! I can't believe it. Brody actually mastered the Fire Law! What in the world is going on with this year's Martial Arts Contest? Law Power is not at all easy to learn. It is extremely difficult and complicated. How come all cultivators of the Internal Elixir Realm seem to have grasped it?"

"Don't be so overly dramatic. Brody is one of the top disciples of Bloodwood Cliff after all. He's definitely qualified to be one of the people that can comprehend Law Power. But, to be honest, I'm still quite surprised by the strength of the contestants for this year's contest. So many of them have already comprehended Law Power. In the past, only the top three could accomplish such a feat…."

"What are you talking about? Back then, only the strongest cultivators of the Virtual Tribulation Realm could master Law Power. It's amazing how so many talented cultivators suddenly showed up all of a sudden."

"Blood flame? You want to burn me?" The scarlet flame burned bright, but it did not faze Zen one bit. Smiling, as if to mock his opponent, he waved his hand and a wisp of pure fire appeared over his palm. He po

eclared with certainty.

His son's words were haughty but Eddie nodded his head approvingly. 'He is my son. I have complete faith in him. He is surely more powerful than the other contestants, ' he thought to himself, pride swelling in his chest.

When she saw Zen's display of the Fire Law, Letitia's eyes widened in astonishment.

It was then that she realized that she truly knew nothing about her disciple.

When they first met, she had been impressed by his display of great talent during the Cloud Road test. Ever since then, she had the gut feeling that Zen would rise to be a key figure in the Cloud Hall which was why she spent so much time and energy cultivating him.

It came as a surprise to her when Zen later started to study runes. She fondly remembered how the chief runic expert marveled at his strength and claimed that Zen was even better at runes than him. Then, when Zen returned from the Dragon Soar Arena, she found out that he had actually comprehended the Space Law.

Now, during the Martial Arts Contest, he had just showcased the body refining technique he was good at. She didn't have any idea that he had actually started learning the Fire Law.

Even more surprising was that he had actually completed and comprehended the first layer of Fire Law!

As far as she knew, there was no intact introduction to Raging Fire in the Central Region which was the primary reason why Hobbes of the World Commercial Alliance couldn't fully grasp the first layer of Fire Law.

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