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   Chapter 721 The Gap (Part Two)

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Patrick, Rocher, and Lewis were all now disciples in the Elite House of the Cloud Hall, and had received the best training from it. They had made incredible progress in the past few months. For instance, Rocher had comprehended two laws in the cultivation of Extreme Thunder Sword Intent, namely the Metal Law and the Thunder Law. Although he didn't get much Law Power, only one or two among thousands of cultivators were able to comprehend the laws. Moreover, Rocher was only at the Illuminating Soul Realm, so one could imagine just how gifted he was.

Patrick also had improved a lot in his strength. He could now summon the Acalanatha continuously without taking a break at the intervals. In addition, the Acalanatha had a second pair of arms. In the Vajrayana, the strongest Acalanatha had six arms, which meant that Patrick still had a lot of room for improvement.

Lewis, on the other hand, didn't advance as fast as the other two did. However, his bodily movement skill was becoming more and more unfathomable. He could almost approach his opponent without casting a shadow and could leave without a trace.

Their rapid progress in the cultivation made them very proud in the Elite House of the Cloud Hall. They believed that it would not be long before they were able to rank among the top in the Elite House.

However, when they discovered that Zen was in the arena, they suddenly felt that the achievements they had been so proud of seemed to have become a joke now.

Before they arrived in the Oracle City, they previously discussed the Martial Arts Contest along the way.

The strongest disciples of eac

ad reaped the most benefits from their mission because he had an advantage in speed and bodily movement. Thus, he had obtained a lot of life vitality crystals from the mission.

"Don't be nervous," Rocher said and reached out a hand. "Did you see the sign over there? The odds are out, and the odds against Zen are shockingly high. I want to take a gamble!" he explained.

Rocher wasn't a gambler, but he felt that Zen always had a good luck on his side. He just wanted to see if his hunch was right.

"Nope!" Lewis screamed. "Give them to me!" Rocher said coldly.

"No!" The two of them continued to grapple for the money in Lewis' space ring.

A gust of wind gently flew by, and the tip of Rocher's sword was pressed against Lewis' neck once again.

Lewis sighed. It seemed that he would never win as long as Rocher could threaten him.

He couldn't do anything but hand over his money to Rocher in resignation.

Just after Rocher had placed his stake, the luminous curtain in the center of the arena disappeared, and the battle between Zen Luo and Brody Bu began.

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