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   Chapter 720 The Gap (Part One)

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A loud voice rang throughout the area and drew the attention of the audience. "This is the first battle of our Bloodwood Cliff disciples! Crush him, Brody! Show your strength!"

Cheers and yells erupted from the disciples of Bloodwood Cliff in support.

Meanwhile, Lady Poison-blood, who sat at the back of the grandstand, stared coldly at Zen.

This young man called Zen Luo had once humiliated her, the leader of Bloodwood Cliff. However, she wouldn't let such a thing spread around. After all, she was a dignified leader of a fourth-grade sect and she didn't want to have her good reputation ruined by this unscrupulous young man. But that didn't mean she would not do anything to revenge herself.

"Brody, come over," Lady Poison-blood said in a low voice.

"Yes, my Lady!"

Brody Bu heavily walked towards Lady Poison-blood's side.

At that moment, Lady Poison-blood put her delicate finger into her mouth and gently bit it. Blood oozed from her soft fingertip.

Brody's eyes twitched slightly when he saw what Lady Poison-blood had done in front of him. "My Lady…" he said in a trembling voice.

The Bloodwood Cliff wasn't known for their decency, and they were involved with countless acts of sorcery and crooked means. Brody clearly understood what their leader wanted to do.

"Don't worry, this soul-killing poisoned blood can help you to reach full potential in a short period of time and I will help you make up for the life span you will lose in the process. However, you have to go down there and kill that brat!" Lady Poison-blood laughed viciously. Brody just looked skeptically at her, and tried to deny her plan.

"My Lady, I don't need that boost to kill that brat!" he said and hurriedly shook his head. However, Lady Poison-blood just giggled, and her beautiful face became even more charming and

ity Country, which happened to be near the Oracle City. They knew that the Martial Arts Contest was about to kick off, and they certainly would not miss this opportunity. Thus, they went directly to the Oracle City after they completed the mission.

"The one on the stage seems to be a disciple from the Bloodwood Cliff. I wonder who his opponent is," Patrick said indifferently as he glanced at the arena.

Rocher's sharp eyes swept across the crowd, and one person who slowly walked to the battle stage caught his attention. He felt that this person was a bit familiar. His eyes widened when he realized who he was. "It is...Zen!" he exclaimed.

"What? Zen? Is he here to watch the Martial Arts Contest as well?" Lewis asked. Meanwhile, Patrick looked to the direction where Rocher was staring at, and then his face suddenly hardened.

"It's really Zen. He's not here to watch the Martial Arts Contest. He's in the battlefield." He smiled wryly.

"What!" Lewis was so surprised that he bolted upright. He craned his neck above the crowd to get a better view of the arena, and then his mouth went wide. Lo and behold, it was Zen. "It's really Zen. What is he doing up there? Is he trying to get killed?"

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