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   Chapter 719 Transcendent Divine Might

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As the curtain of light in the middle of the arena gradually disappeared, the battle between Blake and Edgar started.

Many factors affected martial artists' combating, such as the mental state, physical condition, cultivation methods and so on.

Blake and Edgar had stepped within the Internal Elixir Realm and become top disciples in their respective sects, so obviously, they had sharp mental mindsets. The two disciples practiced tier four cultivation methods and were in the primary level of Internal Elixir Realm.

Today, they'd face off against one another and employ their knowledge of the Thunder Law.

As the match started, Blake was covered in an aura of purple lightning, which made him appear as though he were the Thunder God, incarnate. The purple lightning wove around his body like a slender snake and constantly pulsed across his skin. Standing across from Blake, Edgar looked intimidating with a ball of lightning in each hand. The balls oscillated violently and rhythmically, as if each sphere harbored infinite energy.

"Crackle! Boo-oom!"

With each foe setting off loud imposing lightning strikes as quick as possible, the field was alive, an electrifying dance of lights flashing through the air. The two clashed continually, and every time they slammed into each other, there were more blinding white flashes, followed by crackling and booming of lightning!

Sitting on the edge of their seats, the martial artists watching were riveted by how fast the contenders were. Most of the martial artists were stunned and sat with their eyes glued to the arena, while others cheered, and loudly called the name of whichever fighter they preferred.

Especially eager to watch were the martial artists who specialized in refining using the attributes of thunder. Those spectators watched closely, and it was as though they were committing every step and gesture to memory.

Cultivating Law Power was an exacting, and challenging path anywhere throughout the universe.

The stone tablets that the Law Power was carved into were only accessible through sects that were at the fourth and fifth grades.

It was impossible for warriors to develop the Law Power if they were one of the independent warriors. Anyone from second or third-grade sects who wanted to learn the laws had to be self-taught. However, lacking the comprehension made it impossible for them to gauge how long it should take to understand even a small sliver of Law Power. However, observing Blake and Edgar's battle meant the would-be students could gain some insight into Law Power.

For that reason, they scrutinized the battle so intently.

In the grandstands, seating calmly were disciples from the few great sects. Nothing was revealed through their indifferent eyes, but inside, the disciples assessed the two combatants, and continuously measured the differences in technique and strength and compared the two people's skills to theirs.


shouted Blake about halfway through the match.

Purple lightning that had just been coiled tightly around him resembling a sleek snake suddenly grew more extensive and comprehensive, and resembled a python.

Seeing the lightning grow, Edgar scowled grimly, and the lightning balls he held shrank until they were fist-sized.

"Boo-om! Crack!"


odlike, and that meant the person was extremely powerful.

"My acupoints are all refined, so, I'll be able to make a breakthrough into the Path Platforms! I'm resolute about studying Transcendent Divine Might!" Zen mused while his eyes lit up elatedly.

"I gave my word, and I won't back out. However, let me remind you. It's not as easy as you think to reach the Path Platforms," cautioned the red dragon. He paused before going on, "It's especially difficult here in the Central Region. It is actually easier to attain a breakthrough into the Internal Elixir Realm, or Virtual Tribulation Realm, than the Path Platforms!"

"I understand," answered Zen eagerly. The happy twinkle in his eyes was slowly replaced with a look of cold, steely resolve.

Admittedly, pursuing advanced knowledge and honing oneself was a difficult, time consuming challenge. But, then again, slow and steady would win the race, which was proven true from the dawn of time!

While Zen and the dragons conversed, Blake was carried off the field and back to Cloud Hall.

A collective sigh went out from the warriors sitting in the stands. Blake was very strong, and they didn't think Edgar was stronger!

Watching the intense fight left many warriors feeling the supreme life vitality crystals they'd spent weren't wasted. The trip here to Oracle City was genuinely worth the cost!

Once the arena's battlefield was cleaned, Xiao was up on the platform and reached into the container to draw the nameplates.

After he pulled out two nameplates, Xiao's voice boomed as he shouted, "Brody Bu of the Bloodwood Cliff versus Zen Luo of Cloud Hall!"

When Brody heard his name called, he sniffled, wiped at his mouth with the back of his hand, stood, and walked to the grandstand's edge. His scowl changed immediately to a smile, and he stated, "Good, good, I'll finally fight him!"

Brody had just complained to one of his companions about not having a chance to fight Zen. It didn't occur to him that his nameplate would be drawn so soon.

"Luck is on your side, Brody! Really, this means your destiny will be a bright one!" commented one of the warriors flatteringly. The warrior was at the Internal Elixir Realm.

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