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   Chapter 718 Thunder Law

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It cost each of the warriors in the audience a supreme life vitality crystal to watch the Martial Arts Contest, and they wanted to see strong warriors fighting each other.

Each of the earlier matches was between an independent warrior and a disciple from various sects.

Most of the independent warriors weren't real independent warriors, but instead, they were disciples from third-grade sects or clans. Comparatively, there was a huge gap between them and disciples from the fourth-grade sects.

Therefore, it was easy to predict how the earlier matches would go. The battles were far from what one would consider intense.

But now, Blake, one of the leading figures from a fourth-grade sect, Cloud Hall, was stepping into the arena. His opponent was one of the six disciples of the Ethereal Spirit Sect. Even before the match started, people knew this would be a terrific match!

"Taking all bets! Place your bets!"

shouted warriors in the audience.

Whenever there was a competition, there was gambling.

The second and third-grade sects and other noteworthy powers from the Central Region would hold competitions and gambles as well.

However, there were many pitfalls. Some sects would set up competitions and then cheat to win. The strong warriors who could win competitions easily would lose to their opponents on purpose so that gamblers would lose lots of life vitality crystals.

The Martial Arts Contest hosted by the World Commercial Alliance was less likely to have any cheating. The Dragon Soar Arena was something that all the large sects had to obtain, and the World Commercial Alliance wouldn't join forces with other large sects to cheat people just for some life vitality crystals.

Therefore, the Martial Arts Contest was a playground for gamblers.

A vast majority of the warriors were natural born gamblers. The several hundred thousand warriors watching the Martial Arts Contest had two main purposes; one was to observe the fighting between the geniuses, and the other was to gamble.

"What are the odds? Hmm, the odds... The World Commercial Alliance seems to still be favoring Edgar from the Ethereal Spirit Sect."

"Okay, I bet on Edgar. The Ethereal Spirit Sect is a fifth-grade sect after all, and is a grade stronger than Cloud Hall!"

"Do you think Blake will make an easy target? Although Blake is in the early stage of Internal Elixir Realm, he once killed the Three Ghosts of the Yellow Sea on his own. His reputation shook the entire Crane Country. Those three ghosts were all warriors in the middle stage of the Internal Elixir Realm!"

Many warriors began to analyze Blake and Edgar according to their past performances.

After reaching the Internal Elixir Realm, elites from large sects would be entrusted with some difficult tasks. Gradually, they would be able to establish a reputation for themselves in the Central Region.

Crane Country, mentioned by the w

hand and he replied, "I heard you comprehended the Thunder Law. I practice the cultivation methods of thunder system too. So, I want to know which one of us is stronger."

Seeing the bright blue lightning dancing on Edgar's hand, Blake's eyes widened somewhat and he commented, "You seem to have grasped as much as I did!"

"Look everyone! There's lightning on Edgar's hand. He must have understood at least half of the Thunder Law! What a genius!"

"What a monstrous genius! Even a warrior at the Virtual Tribulation Realm would barely be able to understand half of the Thunder Law. I never thought Edgar would be able to do it at the Internal Elixir Realm!"

"The Ethereal Spirit Sect's resources are truly unimaginable! It's truly a sect of talented people!"

Sitting there meditating, Zen felt forceful energy flowing through his body slowly and filling every cell while the life vitality in his belly churned continuously. The forceful energy and the life vitality were different, like two distinct rivers in Zen's body, and neither of them was in contact with the other.

Maintaining the state would allow Zen to practice two forms of cultivation at the same time.

Amidst the warriors' heated discussion, Zen cracked his eyes open, and peeked over in time to see two layers of lightning flashing from Blake's and Edgar's bodies.

'They both have Thunder Law in their lightning. Blake's Thunder Law is slightly more abundant, but Edgar's aura is a bit stronger. Blake's chances of winning will be better than Edgar's!' thought Zen as he watched the arena indifferently.

However, it didn't matter whether it was Blake or Edgar who won. Their understanding of the Thunder Law couldn't compare to Zen's knowledge of it.

Every form of Law Power was divided in ten layers.

The Thunder Law these two wielded was only about halfway into the first layer, but Zen had already completely mastered the first layer of the Thunder Law.

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