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   Chapter 717 Offensive!

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"Brat? Brent, that's rude! Zen's older than you. Don't be so impudent!" Xander said, unable to remain silent any longer.

Proper etiquette and manners were important to members in the Ethereal Spirit Sect. Brent's face reddened at Xander's reminder, and he said in a low voice, "You're right. I'm sorry."

"As a body refiner, Zen can use his body refining techniques to raise his level and withstand the consummate sword intent. So, we can't underestimate him," commented Xander emotionlessly.

One of the Ethereal Spirit Septuplets said, "The martial artists from the Central Region mainly train their life vitality, so, we've never seen such a strong body refiner. The Cloud Hall doesn't seem to have any powerful body refining techniques either. Accordingly, we don't know that brat's methods."

"Huh!?" Xander cocked a brow when he heard the two words, that brat, and he frowned again.

Although the Ethereal Spirit Septuplets were core members of the Ethereal Spirit Sect, they had to abide by the rules laid out by the sect too, and they couldn't say anything rude.

"I'm sorry…" said the Septuplet, when he saw how upset Xander became.

"It's no wonder he passed the pre-qualifying match despite his low level. It turns out he's a body refiner!"

"I never heard of a body refiner being so strong! I've seen many body refiners, and the strongest of them couldn't even defeat an ordinary warrior who'd reached the Illuminating Soul Realm. Why's this guy so strong?"

"How many acupoints did he refine? Do you think he's refined dozens of his acupoints?"

In body refining, the most important thing was refining acupoints.

Body refining wasn't popular in the Central Region, so, until now, no one had refined all one hundred and eight acupoints. However, Zen had done just that, and he did it in just a few days.

"He refined his body this much in only a matter of days?" Letitia's eyes reflected her shock.

When she'd watched Zen secretly a few days ago, she discovered he was refining his body. She didn't expect that in the few short days, he would have refined his body to such an extent that even she had never heard of!

Naturally, Letitia didn't know Zen's body was specially refined with the red dragon's technique, using primordial energy. Moreover, the purest power of thunder and fire was also used to hone his acupoints. Even the Upper World forces couldn't utilize this unique advantage. That was Zen's secret to refine himself so quickly.

"Zen, of the Cloud Hall, wins!"

After Xiao made the announcement, the World Commercial Alliance members went to remove the half-dead Alex and clean his blood from the arena.

In the stands, Alex's family glared at Zen viciously, as if any one of them planned to personally strangle him.


re Quincy finally won by a narrow margin.

Then came the fourth, the fifth, and the sixth fights.

Every winner drew a card afterward. What was strange was that almost all of them had the same one, an exemption card, and none of them had drawn a challenge card.

At first, everyone thought that the chances of getting an exemption card and a challenge card were fifty-fifty, but now, it seemed the chances of drawing a challenge card were astonishingly slim.

In the end, Xiao came forward to explain that there was only a one-fifth of a chance to get a challenge card.

Other than the first fight and the second one between Zen and Alex, which were quite fierce, the rest of the fights were a bit dull. The Martial Arts Contest had no rules. Even if one killed the other, there wouldn't be any consequences. Because of this rule, the martial artists were more cautious.

In order to make it to a higher rank, one had to maintain his strength to the very end. If they were to fight hard at the start, life vitality would be greatly depleted and the combatants might even lose an arm or a leg. If that happened, what chance would there be to make it to the top ten?

The World Commercial Alliance was rich, so, they prepared a small gift for each martial artist participating in the contest. In fact, the gift wasn't really small at all, but, if it was compared to the top ten rewards, it was indeed tiny.

Many martial artists didn't have high hopes of obtaining the Dragon Soar Arena. Even if the independent warriors were able to obtain it, they wouldn't have any chance to use it, so, their goals were to reach the top ten.

When it came to the seventh round, the atmosphere in the arena became chaotic. The arena was in an uproar when the announcement sounded, "Blake Zong of Cloud Hall versus Edgar Situ of the Ethereal Spirit Sect!"

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