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   Chapter 716 Deathly Fist

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Even in a family as small as the Luo's, there were lots of disagreements.

Furthermore, Alex grew up in a family with third-grade forces.

Although Alex was a heaven-level talent, if he didn't work hard for the clan, he would be eliminated. The Gongsun family was a large family, and if someone wanted to stand out, they couldn't rely on talent alone.

So, even though Alex thought of Zen as weak, he couldn't let his guard down. Throughout the world, the number of martial artists easily killed by opponents was enough to fill Hell. As smart as Alex was, he wouldn't make such an obvious mistake.

After listening to Alex, Zen's eyes flashed brightly with an idea. He smiled and said, "Not bad."

"What do you mean?" Zen's praise confused Alex and he wasn't sure if he'd heard him right.

"You're smarter than those idiots if you can understand the concept of a lion fighting a rabbit, so, you're accomplished enough to be my foe," replied Zen as he chuckled.

Alex froze at Zen's response.

He'd anticipated Zen to say something weak, or even beg for mercy. If he was in a good mood, he might've even spared Zen's life.

He hadn't considered Zen complimenting him. Alex was having a difficult time accepting the huge contrast at the moment.

Arrogant people usually had a good reason, but what did this kid have? Zen was only at the fourth level of the Illuminating Soul Realm, making him nothing more than a lamb before slaughter.

Alex could accept a stronger opponent looking down on him since in the warriors' world, whoever was strongest had the respect. If he was looked down on because he was weak, then he deserved it. But, to be disdained by someone weaker than him, Alex couldn't take that.

"Did you hear that? The brat at the fourth level of the Illuminating Soul Realm actually said Alex was qualified to be his opponent!"

"That's the funniest thing I've heard my whole life."

"When did the Illuminating Soul Realm juniors start bragging at the Martial Arts Contest?"

When they heard Zen, the other local cultivators from Oracle City joined in the clamoring.

Alex angrily said, "Very good, with a single sentence you've gotten me angry. Since I am, you must be prepared to accept baptism by my anger!"


Two mid-grade fairy weapons, one green and the other gold, vibrated.

Then, the arena's enchanted barrier disappeared.

The battle started.

"One move and you die! Let me show you the Consummate Sword Intent!"

Alex waved his swords, causing a purple cyclone of sword intent and a golden one to entwine around each other, and he rushed headlong at Zen.

"Gongsun Dancing Sword!"

There was a Gongsun in the past who did a sword dance, and the

uch he hid his strength, someone would try to force him to show his ace.

If he was too bloodthirsty, it might make Marilyn wary of him!

The local warriors up in the stands were deathly silent. The situation had changed so quickly, they couldn't even react. In fact, even Alex himself didn't have time to react. Before he fainted, he still hadn't figured out what he did wrong.

What Alex didn't know was there wasn't anything he'd done wrong, it was just that he was too weak compared to Zen!

On the high platform, Brent, the Ethereal Spirit Sect disciple blinked his eyes and said, "Wow, he's really strong! I probably couldn't beat him when I was at the fourth level of the Illuminating Soul Realm."

The eldest disciple from the Ethereal Spirit Sect shook his head and said, "Not necessarily. I judged him wrong. Zen used forceful energy, and he's a body refiner. Perhaps he has a secret technique that allowed him to break Alex's sword intent, suddenly. If my memory serves me correctly, you already comprehended half of the Space Law when you were at the fourth level of the Illuminating Soul Realm, right? He wouldn't have been your equal back then."

Being able to comprehend half of the first level of the Space Law when in the Illuminating Soul Realm would have shamed even the old guys such as Morphens of Cloud Hall.

"That might not be the case." Brent's estimation of his strength was very accurate.

The eldest disciple continued, "Brent, you're the most talented warrior in the history of the Central Region, and the only divine-level genius from the Ethereal Spirit Sect. Don't compare yourself to a guy like Zen, or you'll lose your warrior spirit."

Brent grinned. "Alright, I understand! In any case, as long as this brat perseveres, I'll challenge him sooner or later!"

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