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   Chapter 715 With All Its Strength

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Disbelief was written all over the faces of the warriors in the audience and the disciples of the fourth-grade sects on the elevated platforms.

'A disciple of Cloud Hall? He reached the Martial Arts Contest through pre-qualifying match? But he's only at the fourth grade of the Illuminating Soul Realm! What kind of ruckus is this?' they thought.

"He's at the fourth grade of the Illuminating Soul Realm. He will be killed the instant he walks on stage," said one of Bloodwood Cliff's disciples, who was at the Internal Elixir Realm. He stroked his nose and added, "It's a pity that I'm not his opponent. Otherwise, I would win this battle effortlessly!"

"Indeed, this guy at the Illuminating Soul Realm probably won't last one round on stage," another Bloodwood Cliff's disciple said with a regretful expression.

Six disciples of Ethereal Spirit Sect, who were at the Internal Elixir Realm, sat cross-legged on the sect's elevated platform.

Ethereal Spirit Sect had always been strict about its rules and regulations. Even though they were watching the battle, the disciples sat straight with solemn faces.

Among these six people, the youngest one was only 15 years old, and there was a trace of a childish look on his face. Among the warriors participating in the Martial Arts Contest, he might not have the lowest cultivation level, but he was undoubtedly the youngest.

He blinked and asked one of his companions, "Philip, didn't you say that I had the lowest cultivation level among all the participants? That fellow's cultivation level is lower than mine!"

The man he was talking to was Philip, the eldest disciple of Ethereal Spirit Sect. He stared at Zen and said, "A warrior at the fourth grade of the Illuminating Soul Realm...This is strange. But Brent, you have to remember not to underestimate your opponent just because his cultivation level is lower than yours. Although you are at the ultimate level of the Illuminating Soul Realm, no one would dare to think low of you."

"I got it," Brent nodded. "But I don't think he is as strong as me! He wouldn't be able to defeat me when I was at the fourth grade of the Illuminating Soul Realm two months ago."

Brent stared at Zen with a confident expression.

If the others were to hear his words, they would be shocked. Brent had progressed from the fourth grade to the ultimate level of the Illuminating Soul Realm in two months! His talent was incomparable.

Philip smiled and shook his head. He didn't understand why Brent would take Zen, a nobody, so seriously.

In the Central Region, geniuses were usually divided into four ranks—human-level talent, earth-level talent, heaven-level talent, and saint-level talent.

The elite disciples of a fourth-grade sect were usually human-level talents or earth-level talents.

If one was evaluated as a heaven-level talent, then it would be enough for any sect to train him w

that guy at the fourth grade of the Illuminating Soul Realm. Don't be afraid of Cloud Hall. I want to see blood!"

Amid this intense discussion, the corners of Alex's mouth curved up slightly. This was the advantage of being a native warrior. The vast majority of warriors in the audience were on his side. This would put his opponent under a formidable amount of pressure.

However, in this battle, Alex did not need to give his opponent this pressure because his opponent was truly too weak.

Alex removed two swords from his space ring. One was green, and the other was gold. They were both middle-grade fairy weapons.

Zen's eyebrows rose slightly when he saw the swords. "Twin-sword school?"

Among swordsmen, there were very few who used twin swords. Up until now, Zen had only seen Lenard from Skytop Peak use twin swords.

The advantage of using twin swords was undeniable. Each of the warrior's hands would be armed with a sword. When paired with the swordsmanship of twin swords, he would unleash a greater power. After all, the swordsmanship cultivation pursued extreme sword intent. Using twin swords to cultivate one's sword intent would be many times as hard as using a single sword. This was also the reason why most swordsmen would give up on using twin swords.

"Really? You know about twin-sword school?" Alex smiled blandly, and swung the twin swords in his hands, releasing a torrent of golden sword radiance.

Hearing Alex's words, Zen returned the bland smile. He had never minded others looking down on him because such people would eventually pay with their lives.

"Even though your cultivation level is very low, don't expect me to show mercy. And don't think that I would underestimate my opponent," Alex said, pointing both swords at Zen. "As the saying goes, 'even when facing a rabbit, a lion will also use all its strength.' Since you are on stage, I believe you are mentally prepared to die."

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