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   Chapter 714 Come On Stage

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Independent cultivators practiced a myriad of cultivation methods. Although their rank wasn't high, they often had a hundred tricks up their sleeves!

For example, Dawson could roam the Central Region without any sect's support, and he had even gone to the Chaotic Ocean of Stars and escaped unscathed. Although he didn't go as far into the Chaotic Ocean of Stars as the experts in the Virtual Tribulation Realm, his progress was rare for a cultivator in the Internal Elixir Realm.

In the instant that Dawson dashed forward, a trace of earthy yellow life vitality condensed in front of him and formed a heavy shield that encased him.

The reason why Dawson was called the Divine Traveller was that he practiced a unique step called the Traceless Snowstep. This step helped him run fast without leaving any trace. After closing in on his opponent through this step, Dawson would launch a series of attacks. He would then be able to wear out his opponent and win!

This was a common tactic used by Dawson. It had given him miraculous results in many battles before.

Even though Segar was not well-known, he was still a disciple of the Mysterious Luna Hall. Dawson was confident, but he was not the slightest bit careless and used his full strength the moment he attacked! Cultivating to the Internal Elixir Realm as an independent cultivator required not only talent but also a heart that was adept at seeing the truth.

With a slightly pale face, Segar looked indifferently at the rapidly approaching Dawson.

"My master said that blood is necessary for the first battle. This is the only way to keep the audience enchanted. I'm very sorry, but I can only use your blood..." A cruel smile grew on Segar's ordinary-looking face. A few strands of black silk were created as he crossed his fingers and lightly pulled them. In the next instant, the black silk pounced toward Dawson like little snakes.

Dawson mainly practiced the cultivation method of the earth system, and he excelled in defense. That layer of earthen yellow life vitality shield had an astonishing defensive power. Normal attacks simply weren't able to tear it apart. However, the black silk in Segar's hands went through the life vitality shield easily and entwined around Dawson's body.

His arms, abdomen, head, and legs were all enveloped by the black threads.

Segar's face revealed the brightest smile. At the same time, his voice became louder. "Bloom!" Segar crossed his hands and pulled the threads with force.


As the black silk suddenly tightened, scarlet blood spurted out from Dawson's sturdy body.

Blood droplets sprinkled from his body, forming a chaotic mess of blood stains on the ground. From afar, it looked like a blossoming, blood-red rose.

After the blood had drained out,

the same time, another independent cultivator also followed Zen.

When they heard that the next challenger was from Cloud Hall, the cultivators in the audience turned to look at the members from Cloud Hall who were sitting on the high platform. This time, five members from Cloud Hall were participating in the competition. The cultivators were confused as to why those five didn't move when Xiao called out one of their names. Instead, two participants walked out from the section where the independent cultivators were seated.

"What's going on? Why did the disciple of the Cloud Hall come out from that side?"

"Wait. Are my eyes playing tricks on me? I didn't notice him earlier. Is this brat... at the Illuminating Soul Realm?"

"He is indeed at the Illuminating Soul Realm... And what's even more surprising is that he is at the fourth grade of the Illuminating Soul Realm! The fourth grade of the Illuminating Soul Realm! How did he manage to pass the pre-qualifying match?"

Cultivators who passed the pre-qualifying match were treated like minor celebrities, just like Alex Gongsun, who was the eldest son of a third-grade family in Oracle City! The Gongsun family had a close relationship with the World Commercial Alliance.

As for Zen, he had not been in the Central Region for long. Moreover, he had been cultivating since he entered Cloud Hall. Almost no cultivators had heard of him, except Michael and the other members of the World Commercial Alliance.

Zen had been standing in the middle of the crowd. Everyone's attention had been focused on the large sects, so they hadn't noticed that a cultivator at the Illuminating Soul Realm was among the Internal Elixir Realm cultivators.

Now that Zen had walked out, he naturally received a lot of attention. His cultivation level seemed to be a bit lower than the other cultivators!

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