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   Chapter 713 The Unveiling Competition

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The world of cultivators was cruel.

The cultivators at the nature level were respected throughout the Eastern Region, while the ones in the Illuminating Soul Realm were even more influential.

Sadly for the hundreds of prisoners, however, they were one-time strong cultivators, but ended up being a means of increasing human life years for the other cultivators at the contest held in Oracle City, no matter how respected they used to be.

After beating the drum, Dillon threw the drumstick aside and sat back in his chair, cramming his obese body in.

Silence reigned in the arena. Most of the cultivators were still immersed in the transcendent experience the golden light had brought them.

After a moment, Dillon summoned his life vitality to his voice and said to everyone present, "Before the opening of the Martial Arts Contest, I'd like to make an announcement, which I hope will spread around."

His listeners were bewildered by his sudden, confusing words.

Dillon continued, "Someone in our World Commercial Alliance concluded that the ninth enchanted lamp from the celestial tomb had turned up."

As if a stone had been thrown into a serene lake, heated discussions ensued after a moment's silence.

"Enchanted lamp from the celestial tomb? The enchanted lamps from the celestial tomb lit on the Lantern Lighting Festival? The last one has turned up too?"

"My goodness! This last enchanted lamp from the celestial tomb hasn't been lit in a thousand years. What a surprise it is that it has turned up now!"

"How do they know?"

"Haven't you heard that humans who have lived for over a thousand years are monsters? There's an Ancient Tycoon in the World Commercial Alliance. I bet it was him who drew the conclusion."

The Lantern Lighting Festival was held every year in the Central Region. During this time, commoners lit lanterns and put up festoons. The praying lanterns were then set into the night sky. Since parents bought smaller lanterns for their children, every boy and girl carried their lamps along the streets and had fun.

For ordinary folks, it was just a festival.

Yet, for cultivators, the Lantern Lighting Festival meant more than that. On this day, they didn't look forward to lighting ordinary lanterns. Instead, they wanted to light the enchanted lamps from the celestial tomb.

They had celebrated numerous Lantern Lighting Festivals. Finally, this year, the last enchanted lamp from the celestial tomb had turned up.

"If the person who has gotten the last lamp is ready, he can light it at this year's Lantern Lighting Festival so that we can get into the celestial tomb and get what we want," said Dillon. Obviously, his statement was addressed to the person who had gotten the last enchanted lamp from the celestia

s. Yet, not only did Dawson Zhao get through it safely, but it is also said that he gained a lot from that experience. His life has changed since then."

"Who is this Segar Yu of Mysterious Luna Hall? I've never heard of him. I guess Dawson Zhao will beat him to a pulp."

Mysterious Luna Hall was very secretive. It belonged to neither the Righteous faction nor the Evil faction of the martial sects. As a sect, it was well-known, yet most of its disciples were obscure. Among the hundreds of thousands of practitioners in the spectators' stand, no one had heard of Segar Yu.

The Elderly Luna heard the conversation but remained silent. He was sitting in an old-fashioned wooden armchair. His eyes glistened. "Segar, go. Since you're lucky enough to fight in the unveiling competition, it will be a shame to leave the field without seeing blood. Go kill him!" he said.

Not far from him, an ordinary-looking youth nodded at his words. He jumped off one of the platforms and walked onto the field.

Unlike the competitions between sects, the Martial Arts Contests meant life or death. There were no rules about methods. No one cared who the challengers were. There was no pity or mercy, as mercy for a foe would mean death to themselves.

A green light curtain rose slowly and covered the entire field.

Before the competition started, the two contestants would be separated by the light curtain.

Not long after Segar Yu had walked onto the field, Dawson Zhao entered as well.

With no ceremonies and no courtesies, the two challengers were like beasts trapped in cages, waiting for the light curtain to be removed. It was a touch-and-go situation.

With a mild swish, the light curtain disappeared. Dawson Zhao stomped his feet, and life vitality spread like ripples under his feet. He dashed toward Segar at lightning speed.

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