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   Chapter 712 The Gift

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The woman next to Yan also looked like a puppet—her eyes were closed, and her face was expressionless.

'What on earth did Eddie do to Yan? How did she become like this?'

Zen tried to check his emotions.

At the end of the day, Eddie was the strongest warrior in the Central Region. Zen wasn't his match as yet. If Zen let his impulses take hold of him, even Letitia wouldn't be able to protect him.

"Eh? Six Senses Blocking Method?" The cyan dragon said. Although he was the weakest among the nine Genuine Dragons in terms of strength, the cyan dragon was the most knowledgeable.

"What is that?" Zen asked, gritting his teeth.

The cyan dragon explained as he watched Yan and the woman beside her, "It's a cultivation method, by which, the cultivators' six senses are blocked, so that they can't see, hear, smell, feel, or taste. The cultivators also lose their sense of space. Thus, they're unable to communicate with the outside world. The Six Senses Blocking Method is supposed to be used by the cultivators when they cultivate. It's a pity that someone like Eddie has mastered it."

Obviously, the cyan dragon knew the history of the Six Senses Blocking Method. There were some secrets Zen didn't know. But he was too worried about Yan to care about anything else. "Is it harmful to the cultivator?"

"Not really. It can improve the cultivator's cultivation base significantly in a short time. Hasn't Eddie been trying to arrange the Lustful Demon Array?" the cyan dragon reminded Zen.

"I know what he did. He improved Yan's cultivation base using the Six Senses Blocking Method so that she could enter the Internal Elixir Realm. But wait..." Zen seemed to have remembered something. With raised eyebrows, he said, "Both Marilyn and Yan have a Purple Power Body, so that means..."

He shifted his eyes to the woman next to Yan. Apparently, her senses had also been blocked.

"You're right. She also has a Purple Power Body. Eddie has already found the three people he needs. Once your sister and that woman enter the Internal Elixir Realm, the Lustful Demon Array will be realized," the cyan dragon said calmly.

"It's strange, though. The Central Region is a small place. Isn't it a coincidence that such a small place has three people with a Purple Power Body? You know, Purple Power Bodies are very adaptable. These people are excellent body refiners," the red dragon cut in, giggling.

Zen was too anxious to pay any attention to him.

Kenneth had said that Purple Power Bodies were rare. There might be one in a trillion. Therefore

else in the crowd muttered.

While people were discussing, Dillon stood on the drum and lifted the 20-foot-long drumstick.

The stick weighed 50, 000 pounds, but he raised it as easily as if he were holding a thin twig, leaving a trail of an arc.


The stick struck the drum hard and made a dull sound.

As soon as the stick hit the surface of the drum, an invisible wave emerged and encircled the cultivators under the drum, creating a vortex.

Quickly, the cultivators' bodies shrank. The drum was sucking their blood and energy!

After that, above the drum, a ray of golden light started spreading in all directions.

Closest to the drum were people from Cloud Hall, Ethereal Spirit Sect, and other major sects. They sucked most of the golden light before it reached the other cultivators.

Next, it was the cultivators who had passed the pre-qualifying test, including Zen and Owen.

"The golden light can increase our human life years?" someone asked. When the light reached Zen, he absorbed a lot and felt immediately refreshed and vigorous.

Since there were too many cultivators, the light was thin when it reached the spectators' stand.

However, no one was willing to miss this valuable opportunity. The hundreds of thousands of spectators all sniffed greedily. The light was soon exhausted. The amount every spectator got was merely a hundred millionth of what Zen had absorbed.

When the golden light ran out, everyone turned their attention back to the drum. The prisoners on death row still stood as they had been a moment ago. The only difference was that their bodies had shriveled and their skins were ghostly white. They were no more than zombies.

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