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   Chapter 711 Making The Entry

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In the Martial Arts Contest held by World Commercial Alliance, only sects on and above the fourth tier were eligible to enter the main draw match directly. The disciples didn't even need to appear for the pre-qualifying test to participate.

The Mysterious Luna Hall was one of the oldest sects in the Central Region. Its cultivation methods were sinister and ruthless. It simply didn't adhere to the principles of the righteous or those of devilry. It could conform to any as and when needed. This was why they weren't particularly respected in the Region.

Even so, nobody was careless enough to slight such a mysterious fourth-tier sect as that. Elderly Luna, who was more than 900 years old, had become a legend in the Central Region.

A lot of high platforms had already been erected on another side of the field. After a while, the gigantic-looking coffin slowly landed on one of the platforms.


The top uncovered on its own as soon as it landed. An old man wearing a black cloak crawled out of it. The deep wrinkles on his face made him look ancient. It almost felt like he was so perishable that he could fall asleep any time now, never to wake up. Despite the creases and folds on his face, his hair was pitch black, giving him a rather spooky appearance.

This was whom the legends were about: Elderly Luna, the head of Mysterious Luna Hall.

All the martial arts practitioners who owned a supreme life vitality crystal were very influential in the martial arts community. As a result, they knew all the other powerful practitioners in the Central Region.

The crowd recognized the old man at a single glance. Exclamations and heated discussions started to fly among hundreds of thousands of martial arts practitioners.

"That's Elderly Luna. He is around a thousand years old!

And he's still alive!"

"He's not a thousand years old yet. According to the records, he's 976 years old. He still has more than 20 years to go before he turns 1000!" "Do you think he can survive all these years?"

"Shh! Keep your voices down. If these words reach any of Mysterious Luna Hall's people, you'd be dead in no time."

Along with Elderly Luna, tens of elders and disciples of Mysterious Luna Hall also appeared for the contest. There had to be only 4 spots for the Mysterious Luna Hall. No one knew who out of all of them would be selected to participate in the contest.

"Bloodwood Cliff," the elder of World Commercial Alliance heralded again.

A carriage flew over and stopped on another platform. A milky fair foot stretched out of the carriage first. Then, a woman wearing a satin red gown emerged from it. This was Lady Poison-blood.

Her skin struck out of the red fabric, almost glowing, giving her a rather bewitching presence. It took just one look for all the men around to get excited at her arrival.

"It's Lady Poison-blood. Isn't she completely gorgeous!"

"Yes, but so what? She's too old. Who knows how many men she has slept with?"

"Hey! Martial arts practitioners are not supposed to judge people by their ages. Even if she's 200, she looks like she's only 20! Moreover, she appears as delicate as a 16-year-old!"

Lady Poison-blood's arrival filled the practitioners with lust. The fact that there were so many of them made them unafraid of

icult for him. Zen could use that time to get stronger.

All of a sudden, Zen saw a robust figure flying toward him, with a few others in its tow.

At one glance, he recognized the person. He was middle-aged and had a gigantic face. This was the same face he had seen at Cloud Sect.

That was Eddie, the strongest practitioner in Central Region. He was Zen's archenemy.

For a moment, Zen stared at him intently, as if trying to imprint the image of his face on his mind.

When his eyes shifted from him and he saw who was flying right behind Eddie, he was utterly surprised!

'Is that Marilyn?' he wondered.

This woman was fat as butter. Fat hung under her chin, hiding her neck. The weirdest thing was, Zen couldn't tell her cultivation base.

'What's going on?

Isn't she supposed to be at the middle-stage of Internal Elixir Realm? Why can't I tell her cultivation base?'

Zen possessed outstanding abilities of perceiving, which usually told him how strong a person was within seconds upon meeting him briefly. Only those who were much stronger than him could make his perception fail. But Marilyn wasn't that stronger.

While he wondered about her cultivation base, he noticed another woman behind her, who seemed more like Marilyn. This woman was young and beautiful and wore a small black outfit. She too was a middle-stage practitioner of Internal Elixir Realm.

'She ought to be Marilyn.'

He was just trying to guess. He wasn't sure, but he thought there was a high chance he was right.

There were three other people in the group. One of them was a smartly dressed young boy. His handsome face had a touch of tenderness. By the looks of him, it seemed like he was Eddie's son. Only, Zen wasn't sure if he was a participant in the Martial Arts Contest. If he was, he'd be Zen's rival.

Behind this boy were two teenage girls.

Zen's pupils dilated the moment his eyes landed on one of them. He blinked in disbelief.

One of those girls was Yan.

She looked very different than before. Her eyes were closed as she followed them, seeming to float in space like a piece of wood.

"Yan, what happened to you?" Detecting how she had changed angered Zen.

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